5 Ways to Look Great at Concert

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5 Ways to Look Great at Concert
5 Ways to Look Great at Concert

How you dress for different genres of concerts depends on the style the music promotes. Therefore, the way you dress will depend on what kind of concert you are going to attend. Pop concerts, metal/rock, hip-hop, country and outdoor festivals all have different popular fashion trends. This article will cover some basic fashion trends for these types of concerts.


Method 1 of 5: Choosing Outfits for a Pop Concert

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 2
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 2

Step 1. Start from the bottom up

While you usually start with a t-shirt, for a pop concert, try starting with your shoes and working your way up.

  • Heels (or wedges) are a great look. Only wear heels that make you feel comfortable enough to stand for 5 hours straight without having to sit down.
  • Flat shoes are a better choice. Keep in mind that you will be standing most of the time and may be dancing. Opt for ballet shoes or brightly colored sneakers.
  • Boots are a more conservative but still stylish option. Boots are a great choice because they feel comfortable, stylish, and look great with a pair of jeans.
  • Avoid flat shoes or sandals with open toes. The concert venue will be crowded and full of people moving and dancing. Chances are, your toes will be trampled on and closed-toed shoes will protect your feet!
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 3
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 3

Step 2. Choose bottoms that match your shoes

For example, you should build a look based on your shoes.

  • Try creating a chic casual look with a pair of skinny jeans. These pants feel comfortable to wear to attend a concert.
  • If you're wearing boots, try some skinny jeans. This will give the impression of a classy and stylish fashion.
  • For a splash of color, try pairing your boots with a pair of bright or pale jeans.
  • You can also choose a pair of leggings in a color and hue that matches your shoes.
  • If your heels are lace up or you want something even more stylish, try a fitted mini skirt or a peplum skirt. Wear a skirt in a color that matches your body and personality.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 4
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 4

Step 3. Match the outfit with a top that looks fresh

You have to create a feminine and stylish look.

  • If you're wearing jeans, an extra white t-shirt will give you a chic look, especially if it's loose-fitting, has ruffles, or has an interesting cut.
  • If you're wearing a peplum skirt or a fitted mini skirt, a tank top tucked into the skirt will create a feminine look.
  • If you want to be different, try wearing a sparkly t-shirt or something brightly colored.
  • Make sure your top is cotton. You'll be dancing and moving around in a hot room and chances are you'll be sweating profusely. Cotton is the best material that can absorb sweat.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 5
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 5

Step 4. Consider wearing a dress

Many popular looks recommend a simple short dress that can be added with accessories.

  • If you decide to wear a dress to go out with your female friends, try wearing a fitted dress or a thick cut out dress.
  • Wear a pair of brightly colored heels, or sensual boots to add depth to your dress.
  • Try wearing something that is more fitting than an afternoon dress or a long dress. However, these dresses can be worn to pop concerts in the summer if the weather is going to be hot.
  • Popular shops selling concert dresses and accessories include Top Shop and H&M.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 6
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 6

Step 5. Add accessories to your display

Wear jewelry to complement the style of the shirt, pants or skirt, as well as the shoes you have chosen.

  • For earrings, choose a pair of earrings that gives a fashion "statement". If you have a lot of piercings, choose one earring that makes a statement and add a simple bead to the rest of the look.
  • Some leather bracelets are always a great choice. You can find plastic or leather bracelets with the pop artist's logo or name engraved on the surface.
  • A layered necklace is a great accessory that doesn't cover your entire look, but adds a sweet, stylish accent.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 7
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 7

Step 6. Do your hair and make-up

The look of your hair and face should match your outfit.

  • Usually a bold lip color (red or coral) and/or a thick layer of liquid eyeliner over your lashes is enough to make your look stylish.
  • Your hair should always look well-groomed and beautiful. That means straight blows, dangling curls or fishtail braids are all great options.
  • Color your nails or have them professionally treated to add style to your look.

Method 2 of 5: Choosing Outfits for a Rock / Punk /Metal Concert

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 9
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 9

Step 1. Buy a rock or heavy metal band t-shirt

But the rule for attending a metal concert is don't wear T-shirts from the band you're going to see.

  • Look for band t-shirts that are in the same genre as the band you're watching.
  • A printed black t-shirt or tank top is always a great choice for rock or metal shows.
  • Avoid anything that isn't cotton. If you're going to moshing or being in a crowd, you're sure to break a sweat!

Step 2. Customize the look of your subordinates

Remember, rock musicians mix feminine and masculine styles into their looks, and what will unite the two styles is the choice of accessories.

  • Match your t-shirt with green, blue, black or dark purple jeans.
  • If you want to style your look even more, try swapping out your jeans for a peplum skirt or a fitted mini skirt. Both give a chic feminine look.
  • Plaid mini skirts are usually popular for rock concerts.
  • If you're going to a heavy metal concert and plan to be at the mosh pit, wear jeans instead of a skirt.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 10
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 10

Step 3. Choose the right shoes

Army boots and dark sneakers are a rock musician chic look.

  • Again, you must prioritize comfort because concerts are usually held in crowded areas.
  • However, this look suits flats more than heels. Try wearing shoes made of thick on the toes. Your feet may get a little trampled.
  • Experienced metal fans recommend always wearing army boots to heavy metal concerts. Even sneakers won't protect your feet from a lot of stomping!
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 11
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 11

Step 4. Build your look with accessories

Remember that rock music looks combine masculine and feminine styles. Accessories are an opportunity to make your look more feminine.

  • Mix bracelets (cuff bracelets, spiked bracelets and looped bracelets) until you get an eclectic look.
  • Nailed leather bracelets and belts are always the perfect accessory for a rock or metal concert.
  • Earrings should be pierced earrings that seem light.
  • Avoid long necklaces. If you're moshing or dancing at a rock concert, your necklace could be attracted by something.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 12
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 12

Step 5. Hair and makeup can be styled as you like

But simple makeup and hairstyles are always the best choice.

  • If you dance or mosh, your makeup may smudge. Wear waterproof makeup, if you can.
  • Avoid too much curling your hair, because this style is not very appropriate for a rock or metal look.
  • A ponytail or braid is a simple and practical hairstyle for rock or metal shows.
  • Mohawk styles or brightly colored hair are popular choices for a punk rock look.

Method 3 of 5: Selecting Country View

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 15
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 15

Step 1. Choose between jeans or a dress

All outfits at country concerts come from these two looks.

  • Denim is the main element of any country outfit.
  • Jeans come in a variety of styles and colors. Jean skirts, boyfriend jeans, jeans jackets, they are all great choices for a country music concert.
  • All of these outfits feature a casual style but can be slightly tweaked for a feminine look.
  • Light-toned jeans are the best choice for daytime concerts, but darker-toned jeans are best for evenings.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 17
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 17

Step 2. Consider wearing a dress

Floral prints, flowing material, and ruffled cuts are all feminine choices.

  • "Sexy" is not the right style for a country music concert.
  • Summer dresses, dresses for the day and long dresses are stylish choices. Country music concerts tend to be more casual than pop concerts.
  • Your dress should be more conservative. Mini skirts will not be very practical or feel comfortable.

Step 3. Choose a shirt that is light and feminine

Remember, country style refers more to a casual look. Plaid material has always been the style of choice at country concerts.

  • Button-down shirts, camis and tank tops are great choices.
  • Ruffles, lace and ribbons are the details of the outfit that are appropriate for this type of concert.
  • Wear a denim jacket to complete a t-shirt or camis. Denim is a stylish country look.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 18
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 18

Step 4. Add accessories to your outfit

The country look emphasizes cowboy hats and boots.

  • Add a cowboy hat for a more fun look.
  • Cowboy boots, or boots in general, have always been a popular choice.
  • Jewelry should be soft, such as piercing earrings, charm bracelets, and necklaces that look natural.
  • Emphasize comfort and a feminine feel.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 19
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 19

Step 5. Style your hair and makeup to complete the look

Don't wear too much make-up or overdo your hair. The natural look is the most stylish for a country music concert.

  • Style your hair in loose curls, or make it a messy bun or single braid.
  • For makeup, it is important to look thin and natural. A radiant pink blush is a must.
  • Do not wear eye shadow or brightly colored lipstick. The flashy, heavy colors don't really match the casual feel of country style.

Method 4 of 5: Dressing for a Hip-Hop and Rap Concert

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 21
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 21

Step 1. Start with bold elements

The goal is to create the focal point of your display, then move on from there.

  • The hip-hop and rap look features bold and bold elements.
  • For subordinates, choose jeans or skinny leggings made of denim or bright colors. For hip-hop style, ripped jeans are a very popular choice.
  • For t-shirts, choose a picture t-shirt that is the right size and is tight in bright colors. Bright pinks, oranges, blues and purples are stylish colors in hip-hop music.
  • Brightly colored or flashy patterned tank tops are also very popular. Gem colors are worn by many hip-hop artists.
  • You can also wear a glitter jacket. A gold or chrome jacket is often worn with a fitted shirt or dress.
  • Keep other parts simple to make some of them stand out.

Step 2. Add bold and bold accessories

Chrome and jewelery with gems or rhinestones are the keys to the hip-hop look.

  • Many popular "hip-hop" female artists wear large gold hoop earrings.
  • Wear a necklace with a large pendant with gems or iron spikes.
  • If you choose to wear a hat, choose a brightly colored hat with iron or rhinestone embellishments.
  • Wear designer glasses. Oversized glasses or other styles with bright, shiny colors are the main elements of a hip-hop look.
  • Wear proper footwear. Brightly colored high top sneakers like Adidas or Jordan are the most popular look in hip-hop music today.
  • You can also wear lace-up heels in a bright, shiny color. But at a concert venue, you'll be standing and dancing, so flats may be more practical.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 24
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 24

Step 3. Choose a bold hairstyle and makeup

You need bold makeup and hairstyles to match your bold look.

  • Wear thick eye liner and bright smokey eye shadow.
  • Wear a light-colored matte lipstick. Artists like Nicki Minaj often wear matte lipstick in pink or purple.
  • Use blush to make your look look fresh.
  • Hair should look full of volume-whether it's in a ponytail, a high bun, or in a ponytail.
  • Bright hair colors such as pink, purple, or white blonde are very popular in the hip-hop genre.

Method 5 of 5: Summer Festival of Multiple Days

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 26
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 26

Step 1. Choose casual clothes that are slightly revealing

Being outdoors will usually make your skin darker (like it or not), so showing some skin is not only socially acceptable but advisable.

  • Crop tops, cut-off and cut-out dresses, swimsuits, thongs and bustiers are all popular choices.
  • Outdoor festivals are almost always held in the harsh summer, when the weather is hot and scorching.
  • Always bring along and wear sunscreen. Don't burn your skin.
  • Be prepared for the rain. Remember to bring a poncho or raincoat to avoid getting wet all day long.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 27
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 27

Step 2. Balance your outfit

If you wear an open top or bottom, balance it with a more conservative match.

  • Pair a crop top with a long skirt, or style it cut-off with button-down baggy pants.
  • Wear a "waving" top or bottom to create a chic look without looking too conservative.
  • Loose clothing will be more comfortable to wear in hot weather.
  • Try overalls. Rompers, dresses and jumpsuits are popular choices for music festivals.
  • This will "balance" your look as most designers are focused on "open" and "conservative" clothing collections.
  • Patterned overalls will add depth to a look. Floral patterns, abstract and animal pattern motifs will produce an indie look.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 29
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 29

Step 3. Complete your look with the right footwear

Sandals or flip-flops are a stylish summer footwear choice.

  • The most important thing is to match the summer look (gladiator sandals, thick-soled sandals or beaded flip-flops).
  • You can also look chic with something more structured (boots, loafers, or stylish sneakers).
  • Remember if it rains, the ground at the concert venue will be muddy. Plan to bring some change of shoes, including a pair of sneakers for wet days.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 30
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 30

Step 4. Put on some accessories

You should choose accessories that sweeten your look and are appropriate to wear in hot weather.

  • A large wide hat and oversized glasses or the Wayfarer type can protect yourself from the sun.
  • Scarves, sling bags, dangling earrings, and layered necklaces can be combined into a stylish look.
  • Natural or neutral accessories are best used.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 31
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 31

Step 5. Keep your hair and make-up understated

  • Do your hair, tie it back in a curly ponytail, bun it in a messy style, or make it into a cute braid.
  • Your makeup should look sheer and natural.
  • Make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.


  • Have dinner before leaving. Hot dogs at a concert venue never seem warm, and you'll feel better if you actually eat dinner.
  • Be sure to prepare yourself for the concert. Know what can happen, moshing, dancing, etc. Dress appropriately!
  • Dress comfortably. Comfortable clothing will make it easier for you to dance or move up to the stage.
  • Bring more cash if you think you'll need it. Prices of all souvenirs, drinks and food will be much more expensive than usual.
  • Don't rely on using a debit or credit card-some convenience stores only accept cash.
  • Avoid carrying bags, if you can.
  • Buy souvenirs.
  • If you have more than one choice of jeans, choose the jeans with the largest or most pockets.


  • Don't leave the concert venue with someone you don't know, even if they promise to take you to a post-concert party.
  • Don't wear too much jewelry. Jewelry can be lost easily.
  • The temperature at the concert venue can be hot. If you think you might pass out, get out of the concert venue and get to a cool place, or seek first aid.
  • Your hearing can be damaged if you stand near loudspeakers all night, so be careful.
  • If you and your friends all drink alcoholic beverages, then order a taxi, call a friend or parent.
  • Don't wear high heels if you will be dancing or standing for long periods of time. Doing so can cause your ankle to break.
  • Too much yelling and cheering will make your voice hoarse for days. Try to save your voice.
  • Concerts can tire you out, so even if you don't drink alcohol, make sure you can drive. If you tire easily, ask someone else to drive or plan to book a hotel room ahead of time.

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