10 Ways to Satisfy a Woman

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10 Ways to Satisfy a Woman
10 Ways to Satisfy a Woman

Video: 10 Ways to Satisfy a Woman

Video: 10 Ways to Satisfy a Woman
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Want to know the best way to give your wife unforgettable pleasure in bed? Start by asking him what he likes. However, there are also some tried-and-true techniques to try, such as warming up with sensual foreplay, changing positions, or having a bit of a naughty chat.


Method 1 of 10: Talk about what he likes

Satisfy a Woman Step 1
Satisfy a Woman Step 1

Step 1. Communication is the key to a happy sex life

Every woman has her own preferences. So, don't just guess what your wife likes in bed. Ask him what he likes, maybe he likes specific positions, being touched in a certain way, or exciting fantasies.

  • For example, ask, “What is your favorite position?” or “You want me down?”
  • You can also ask while making love. For example, say, "Is this good?" or “Should I slow down?” Or, ask him to show you what he likes (for example, by moving your hand when you touch it).
  • Remember, what he likes one moment may be different from the next. Even if you and your wife were satisfied before, don't assume she will do the same thing the next time you make love.

Method 2 of 10: Never underestimate foreplay

Satisfy a Woman Step 2
Satisfy a Woman Step 2

Step 1. A little foreplay can turn casual sex into a satisfying one

It's no secret that many women need foreplay in order to truly enjoy sex. The right type of foreplay depends on what he likes. For example, a passionate kiss, a few minutes of oral sex, a sensual massage, or even masturbating together. Try different methods to see what can excite him.

  • Foreplay doesn't take long. Just a few minutes is enough to heat up the atmosphere and stir up excitement.
  • Foreplay helps stimulate the vagina to secrete a natural lubricant that can make sex more comfortable and enjoyable for both of you. However, sometimes natural lubricants are not enough. Ask if he wants to use additional lubricant, and this can be used as part of the foreplay.

Method 3 out of 10: Spend some time getting to know her body

Satisfy a Woman Step 3
Satisfy a Woman Step 3

Step 1. Finding sensitive points will make it easier for you to arouse his passion

Maybe you've heard that the clitoris is the main center of most women's sexual pleasure. However, almost all parts of a woman's body are erogenous zones. Explore her body and find out where (and how) she likes to be touched. You'll find some areas are more sensitive than others, and that he may like different touches in different areas.

  • For example, maybe he likes it when you touch his breasts, kiss his neck, or massage his feet.
  • Try different touches in different areas. For example, maybe he likes pressing touches in some areas and light caresses in others.
  • Remember, keep asking him what he likes and what he doesn't like. He can lead you in the right direction.

Method 4 out of 10: Try to excite her with naughty chats

Satisfy a Woman Step 4
Satisfy a Woman Step 4

Step 1. The right naughty words are very arousing

Some women enjoy words that can be categorized as lewd. Ask your wife if she likes it if you say these words during sex. If the answer is yes, there are a few things you can try:

  • Talk about what you did to him, or what you would like to do.
  • Compliment her body and tell her that she is beautiful and sexy.
  • Describe a naughty fantasy, or talk about the most memorable sex you've had together.

Method 5 of 10: Experiment with different positions and rhythms

Satisfy a Woman Step 5
Satisfy a Woman Step 5

Step 1. Variety keeps things interesting, and helps you figure out what your wife likes

The missionary position is pleasant, but it doesn't always satisfy women. Try different positions such as cowgirl, doggy style, or spooning.

  • If one position doesn't feel good, you can always try again. Nothing requires you to make love to one position only.
  • Say, "You want to be on top?" or “Put your feet on my shoulders.”
  • Also vary the pace and rhythm, let him be the guide as to what the right moves. You might ask, "What if I go a little fast and loud?"
  • You can also try making love in different places. Try it on the couch, in the bathroom, or at the table.

Method 6 out of 10: Make sure sex is always interesting by trying different things

Satisfy a Woman Step 6
Satisfy a Woman Step 6

Step 1. Sex can mean many things

There are many ways to have sex without penetration. Your wife may also really enjoy it, or even enjoy it more than regular sex. Some ways you can try are:

  • Oral sex. He may prefer to be the giver, or the receiver. If she likes both, give her best with a 69.
  • Touching each other or watching each other while satisfying themselves. These types of scenes involve external touch (rubbing the clitoris or touching the outside of the genitals) or internal (inserting fingers or assistive devices).
  • Using a dildo, vibrator, or other toy.
  • You can also swipe each other, with or without clothes.

Method 7 out of 10: Bring a little fantasy into the bedroom

Satisfy a Woman Step 7
Satisfy a Woman Step 7

Step 1. Imagination is very arousing

Try talking about fantasies that you both enjoy, or make them come true together. If you're in the mood, wear props or costumes.

  • Nothing can limit your fantasy, except imagination. It's a chance to try out taboo scenarios you might not do in real life (like seducing someone at a bar or making love in front of other people).
  • Some women enjoy watching blue films with their partner before or during sex, which can stimulate the imagination and make fantasies feel more real.

Method 8 out of 10: Use a toy, if he's interested

Satisfy a Woman Step 8
Satisfy a Woman Step 8

Step 1. Sex toys add an element of fun and can provide unique stimulation

If you and your wife want some extra help, sex toys are the way to go. Talk about whether he wants to try different toys for added pleasure, such as a dildo, vibrator, strap-on, or anal plug.

Sex toys are safe when used properly, but hygiene is very important. Always wash toys with soap and warm water before and after use. If you plan to put a toy inside your partner's body (or your own), wrap it in a condom beforehand to reduce the risk of infection

Method 9 out of 10: Hug her when she's done, if she likes it

Satisfy a Woman Step 9
Satisfy a Woman Step 9

Step 1. What happens after making love is as important as making love itself

When you're done, don't get up right away to shower and get dressed. Many women like to relax and cuddle before bed. If you have time, invite him to cuddle and chat, or get some real sleep before getting back to work.

Or, take a bath together. Besides being fun, bathing together is also an intimate way to relax after making love, and maybe trigger the next round

Method 10 out of 10: Don't hesitate to make phone calls or sex video calls if you can't meet in person

Satisfy a Woman Step 10
Satisfy a Woman Step 10

Step 1. You can still enjoy passion even if you don't meet face to face

If you have a long distance relationship, you can still make out with your wife. Call him on a regular phone or video call and tell him what you would do if he was with you.

  • If you can't see each other, use words and tone of voice to set the tone. For example, describe what you're wearing, what you're doing, and how you would touch him if he was next to you. Feel free to sigh, moan, or breathe heavily.
  • For a video call, think of it like a real date. Clean the area around which he will see on the screen, adjust the lights or lighting that supports, and wear clothes (or not) to excite him.
  • If you want to make out via video, choose an encrypted app like Signal or FaceTime so no one can see or listen to your activities without your permission.


  • Security is an important part of a fun and fulfilling romance. Use proper protection (such as condoms, dental dams, etc. as needed) to prevent infection from outside or if you and your wife want to delay pregnancy.
  • Respect your partner's wishes during lovemaking. Stop what you're doing if he asks you to stop, and don't try to pressure him into doing anything that's uncomfortable for him. Also, don't be afraid to talk about your needs, wants, and limitations.
  • For some, timing plays a big role in satisfying sex. If your partner usually gets up early, he or she may have more energy to make love in the morning. If he always sleeps past midnight, it's a good idea to make love at night.