8 Ways to Shorten Menstruation

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8 Ways to Shorten Menstruation
8 Ways to Shorten Menstruation

If you have a uterus, menstruation is a normal and natural part of your life. At the same time, menstruation generally doesn't feel "fun" so many people want to shorten its duration. On average, menstruation usually lasts for 2-7 days and is not always regular. Some people experience longer periods, with heavier menstrual bleeding than others. This article describes some methods you can try, which have been proven to be effective in shortening your period and increasing your menstrual flow.


Method 1 of 8: Take hormonal birth control pills

Shorten Your Period Step 1
Shorten Your Period Step 1

Step 1. Talk to your doctor about using hormonal birth control pills

Contrary to popular belief, you can take birth control pills even if you are not sexually active. Many people drink it to shorten the duration of menstruation and relieve pain. After doing the examination, the doctor will prescribe birth control pills that are suitable for you, based on your health and the reasons that make you want to use it.

  • By taking some types of pills, you can even make your period completely disappear. Many pills are available in a cycle, including 21 daily pills for active hormones and 7 daily pills for inactive hormones. You can also ask for pills that are all hormone active if you want your period to go away completely.
  • If you're a teenager and you're worried that your parents won't allow birth control, try checking the regulations (or ask a trusted adult about this). There are many places you can use to get birth control pills without having to ask your parents' permission. If you live in the US, some states allow it.

Method 2 of 8: Try using an IUD (spiral) to thin the uterine lining

Shorten Your Period Step 2
Shorten Your Period Step 2

Step 1. The IUD containing the hormone progestin can effectively reduce menstrual bleeding

This device is implanted in the uterus by a doctor. The IUD can last up to 5 years and during this time, less menstrual blood will come out.

  • If you usually have light periods, you may not have another period after you have the IUD inserted.
  • Common IUD side effects include: acne, mood swings, spotting, and breast tenderness. IUDs sometimes also cause the growth of benign cysts in the ovaries, but these are harmless and usually go away on their own within 1 year.
  • Talk to your doctor if you are interested in inserting an IUD. These devices very rarely cause serious complications or side effects. However, you may not have an IUD inserted if you have a sexually transmitted disease, cervical cancer, pelvic infection, or uterine cancer.

Method 3 of 8: Stick to a consistent exercise routine

Shorten Your Period Step 3
Shorten Your Period Step 3

Step 1. Doing exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every day will improve your overall health

Studies show that moderate-intensity exercise can reduce painful cramps before and during your period. It can also reduce bleeding and shorten menstruation. Be careful not to miss your period at all. This condition is sometimes experienced by athletes who do intensive training. Regular menstruation is actually a sign that your health is not a problem. If your period doesn't appear at all, your body may not be getting the nutrients it needs.

Do activities that you enjoy to make exercise fun. Set a goal that exercise is for health, not just focusing on appearance. The duration of your period will depend on your overall health, not your weight

Method 4 of 8: Speed up your period with an orgasm

Shorten Your Period Step 4
Shorten Your Period Step 4

Step 1. Orgasm can help release menstrual blood more quickly

Research on this matter has not been done too much, but orgasm will make the uterus contract. If you have an orgasm during your period, the contractions will help push the blood and menstrual tissue out.

  • If you don't want your bedroom to be messy and dirty, try having sex or masturbating in the bathroom.
  • Remember, contrary to popular belief, you can still get pregnant if you have sex during your period (although the chances are very low compared to other times). If you have sex by inserting the penis into the vagina, don't forget to use a condom if you are not using other forms of contraception.

Method 5 of 8: Take myrtle syrup to shorten your period

Shorten Your Period Step 5
Shorten Your Period Step 5

Step 1. Purchase myrtle syrup online or at a grocery store

The ancient Iranians used to use this syrup as a traditional remedy to shorten menstruation, and several scientific studies have shown that this syrup is indeed effective. To use it, drink about 15 ml of syrup 3 times a day for 7 days from the first day of menstruation.

  • In the study, the duration of menstruation was shortened by at least 2 days by taking the syrup according to the instructions above.
  • Although this syrup has been used for hundreds of years, there have been no studies examining its side effects or safety when used long term. Be careful and monitor side effects closely while you are using it.

Method 6 of 8: Drink 1 or 2 cups of herbal tea to reduce menstrual bleeding

Shorten Your Period Step 6
Shorten Your Period Step 6

Step 1. Raspberry leaf, ginger, and yarrow tea can shorten your period

For best results, drink a few cups of hot tea every day, starting a few days before your period starts. This tea can relieve cramps and other symptoms associated with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and improve blood circulation. There is no definitive evidence from several scientific studies showing that herbal teas can shorten menstrual periods. However, if you like the taste, this herbal tea is worth a try.

A study also shows that chamomile can reduce menstrual blood, which will reduce the profuse bleeding and potentially shorten the period

Method 7 of 8: Use a menstrual cup to shorten your period

Shorten Your Period Step 7
Shorten Your Period Step 7

Step 1. Some people claim that using a menstrual cup can shorten your period

You can get menstrual cups at online or women's supply stores. How to use it: just insert a folded cup into the vagina, and the cup will open to collect menstrual blood. Read the directions on the cup's packaging to find out how long you can leave it in your vagina. Remove the cup over the toilet bowl to prevent soiling.

  • This method isn't supported by much scientific studies, but if you're comfortable using a menstrual cup, it's worth a try!
  • If you're worried about dripping blood, wear panty liners or menstrual underpants. Both can absorb blood without seeping into clothes. This will make it easier for you.

Method 8 of 8: Reduce menstrual bleeding by taking ibuprofen

Shorten Your Period Step 8
Shorten Your Period Step 8

Step 1. Ibuprofen can relieve cramps and reduce menstrual blood. Start taking ibuprofen at the dose listed on the package on the first day of your period and continue taking it for the next few days. Do not take more than the recommended dose on the package, unless you have consulted a doctor and he has asked you to do so.

  • Common side effects include stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, headache, and drowsiness. Stop taking ibuprofen if you experience these side effects. However, these drugs are generally safe to use while you are on your period.
  • Do not take drugs that contain acetylsalicylic acid (eg aspirin), which has an anti-clotting effect because it can increase the amount of menstrual blood that the body excretes.


Try to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water (urine should be pale yellow or clear). This makes you feel better, reduces cramping pain, and may also shorten your period

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