How to Be a Little Eyes (with Pictures)

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How to Be a Little Eyes (with Pictures)
How to Be a Little Eyes (with Pictures)

Spying can be fun and exciting, but it's not easy! It's hard to find great little spies. To become the next undercover agent, you must train, create a team, learn mission protocols, hide evidence, and improve your spying techniques through various espionage activities!


Part 1 of 4: Creating a Spy Team

Be a Spy Kid Step 1
Be a Spy Kid Step 1

Step 1. Organize your team

Spying is safer and more fun with two or more people. Teammates can support you and help you complete missions faster (with the right team, of course!). If you decide to be a lone spy, that's fine. Secrets are of course easier to keep if only you know!

  • If you decide to form a team, you should have one teammate who knows a lot about technology, for example, computer shortcuts and knowledge of gadgets. Tech-savvy members can also create maps, plans, charts, and notes about secret missions.
  • Being smart is also beneficial. If you have a friend who is brilliant and smart, add him to your team.
  • Sometimes it's good to have strong teammates, who enjoy lifting weights, and tough tasks that involve strength. But don't let just anyone be on your team; You need spies with skills, not grunts.
Be a Spy Kid Step 2
Be a Spy Kid Step 2

Step 2. Set up a tier of positions in your team

Make sure each team member has a goal. They will feel like a valuable part of the team, if they have a specific role. Here are some basic positions you should fill:

  • A captain in charge of the team
  • A vice-captain to help the captain make decisions and take his place if the captain is sick.
  • Technologist in charge of computers, surveillance equipment, maps, etc.
  • Several general spies were on duty off the field to do most of the espionage.
  • Make sure there are several spies in the base ready to support you on your missions. Also set up one more spy on the computer to record everything, and get records and record information.
Be a Spy Kid Step 3
Be a Spy Kid Step 3

Step 3. Equip your spies with spy devices

Remember, being a member of a spy team means helping each other in everything. If you have multiple devices, divide them evenly. The more successful your team, the more successful you and your mission will be.

All members needed a way to report back to base. This method can be via cell phone, walkie talkie, or just a whistle. If they are in trouble, someone can help right away. They also need a device that can help expose the case, for example a camera

Be a Spy Kid Step 4
Be a Spy Kid Step 4

Step 4. Also use the right tools and equipment

To succeed in a mission, you need equipment. The bigger your team, the more communication tools you will need. Consider preparing the following equipment for your next mission:

  • Intercom
  • Mobile phone
  • Video equipment
  • iPods and other communication devices
  • Walkie talkie
  • Whistle
  • Camera

Part 2 of 4: Training as a Spy

Be a Spy Kid Step 5
Be a Spy Kid Step 5

Step 1. Practice using the device

Do some exercises that are done in a different location from the actual mission location, and get into the habit of using your device and clothes. That way, you'll know the shortcuts and equipment limitations you have. This exercise also helps you predict problems that may arise.

Make sure everyone knows how to use all the equipment and is comfortable using it. If someone doesn't like using computers, for example, send them to the field. After all, you sent him to do a job he loves

Be a Spy Kid Step 6
Be a Spy Kid Step 6

Step 2. Wear appropriate clothing

There are two things to consider: whether you want to be a complete spy, or whether you want to go completely undercover. Dressing like a spy is more fun, but sometimes it makes more sense when you blend in. Which one fits your next mission better?

  • Maybe you need special clothes, such as gloves and boots to make your mission go well. Wear dark clothes, and don't forget, a hat too.
  • If you don't want to be suspected of doing something bad, wear normal clothes. Dressed like that, you look like a child who wants to have fun.
Be a Spy Kid Step 7
Be a Spy Kid Step 7

Step 3. Learn to encode data

Encrypt written messages with a simple code. The code can be as simple as replacing one letter with another, or using numbers for letters, or creating new symbols that correspond to the alphabet. A more sophisticated (and more difficult to decipher) way is to reverse the word and replace the letters. You can even write code in invisible ink.

Why is this useful? You don't want other people to know that confidential information, do you? If someone (such as your annoying siblings) "accidentally" finds your things, they won't suspect anything. Or if they do suspect something, they won't understand what they've seen

Be a Spy Kid Step 8
Be a Spy Kid Step 8

Step 4. Practice escaping from a place

A locked room? Not a problem. A tree? Easy. Crowded room? Don't worry about it all. You and your spy team can escape from anywhere, including from complicated situations.

  • Never use the elevator. If you're stuck on top of an elevator, there's no escaping. Stairs provide more opportunities for escape.
  • It's easier to escape from places (and sneak into places) if you learn how to unlock.
  • Find a way out of the problem by "talking". Practice dealing with your parents or someone in power often, and using kind words to get out of trouble.
Be a Spy Kid Step 9
Be a Spy Kid Step 9

Step 5. Get used to speaking in different voices

This can help you in disguise, especially if your mission is in a public place, is around people you know, and you need to talk to your team. If you can disguise your voice, no one will suspect you.

This is especially useful if you use a mobile phone or walkie talkie. Use pseudonyms too

Part 3 of 4: Establishing the Mission Protocol

Be a Spy Kid Step 10
Be a Spy Kid Step 10

Step 1. Choose your mission

For example, you might want to find out where your nanny is hiding something, find out the password for going to a friend's club, or find the neighbor's dog that has soiled your dad's favorite lawn. All missions are important.

Don't have a mission? Open your eyes and ears. You will hear other people complaining about something or talking about something that needs to be resolved. That's when your team can act

Be a Spy Kid Step 11
Be a Spy Kid Step 11

Step 2. Gather the intelligence first

Explore hiding places or escape routes around your mission location. Make maps and notes, showing where each member will be stationed and what they should do. Just like Boy Scouts, you must always be prepared.

Make a backup plan, one or two. When plans A and B go awry, messy, your team will always know how to handle the pressure with plan C. And make sure that no matter what happens, everyone is safe

Be a Spy Kid Step 12
Be a Spy Kid Step 12

Step 3. Place each member on their respective posts

Each member must have a communication device, preferably one equipped with a headset to minimize noise. When everyone is ready, start the mission. They will go to their respective locations and start their careers as trained child spies.

Make sure they all know the rules. When can they go to the bathroom? When did they switch places? At what time to meet the reserve and where?

Be a Spy Kid Step 13
Be a Spy Kid Step 13

Step 4. Don't be seen or heard

Have a good hiding place for each member, such as a large tree, bush, or large rock. You can also ask a partner to walk casually and unobtrusively with a book or something in hand. Don't do this too often, or it will look suspicious.

If you go undercover, dress like other kids normally, and make sure you "act" normally. What do normal children usually do in the park? Noisy, laughing and playing around. You will look suspicious if you are too quiet

Be a Spy Kid Step 14
Be a Spy Kid Step 14

Step 5. Cover your tracks

Make sure you and your team don't leave any traces. Eliminate footprints on muddy or muddy roads, and destroy any accidental fingerprints, if any. All paper on site must be disposed of and of course no clothing or anything personal should be left for those who suspect to find it.

Cover your digital footprint too. Delete any text messages, emails, or phone calls related to the mission. While it's likely that no one will notice this, prevention is always better than regret

Be a Spy Kid Step 15
Be a Spy Kid Step 15

Step 6. Reunite with your team after the mission

There should be a place to meet up after the mission to gather information from each team member. Then the team must exchange opinions, while determining whether another mission needs to be done or this mission can be considered completed.

If any member is absent, return to your post and try to find the missing partner. If necessary, get out of spy mode and openly search for him. Keep one or two people at the base in case the missing member returns on their own

Part 4 of 4: Keeping Spy Activities a Secret

Be a Spy Kid Step 16
Be a Spy Kid Step 16

Step 1. Store all information in a safe place

You don't want all your confidential information and data to be detected by others. Make sure you place it somewhere no one will go except you. However, choose a place that is easy to remember.

  • Use a locked box, or a computer protected by a password.
  • Are there secret locations around the house, such as under the wooden floorboards, that no one but you knows about? This place can also be a great storage space.
Be a Spy Kid Step 17
Be a Spy Kid Step 17

Step 2. Be natural around the person you are “spying on”

Don't dodge the enemy; they will be suspicious if you avoid them. Do your best to act normal and make sure nothing happened.

If you come across information that your team members need to know (for example, which dog is digging the lawn), present this information as calmly and casually as possible. You're not doing a covert operation, you just happen to be passing by when you see the dog doing what it's doing

Be a Spy Kid Step 18
Be a Spy Kid Step 18

Step 3. Prepare an alibi

If the enemy knows what you're doing or sees you spying, make sure you have a back-up plan to explain what you're doing there. Or if you're later asked where you were when you disappeared, prepare a detailed story. Don't get caught spying!

Make the alibi as close to the truth as possible. Say something like, “I was there with my friends (your team) and we were playing in the park. We played hide and seek, but this one is more sophisticated. It's hard to explain because there are so many rules. You won't like it."

Be a Spy Kid Step 19
Be a Spy Kid Step 19

Step 4. Don't tell other people what you're doing

Only friends who are in the program can be notified. If not, keep it a secret and don't make it public. Some people will be jealous, and some will reveal your secret. The fewer people who know, the better.

Be careful in entering new members. Make sure they are trustworthy and up for the challenge before becoming a child spy with you. Your team must be qualified, honest and talented spies


  • Talk to the spies around you and buy a spy book to help you out.
  • Find a secret meeting place.
  • If your group is large enough and you get a call from someone important in the spy world, record the call or turn on the loudspeaker so you can share the information with your group.
  • Bring a spy bag to keep all your devices. Make sure all devices are working properly; the device should be used at night or in a dark place.
  • Find the source of the reflection so you can see what's behind you without being suspicious. Use a small mirror attached to the end of a stick to look around tight corners or under doors. However, you must be careful not to let any light reflect off the mirror, or you may be caught.
  • Real spies are always ready with everything. Always have a bottle of water ready. Save a snack just in case you get hungry.
  • A good spy can always be rational under any circumstances. Build your confidence, courage, and learn to stay calm, cool and in control.
  • Have gloves.
  • If a map is available, you can place pictures, missions, maps and maybe even a little gadget there, and you can create a map of where you are, use communication tools and tell your teammates where you are, and where you're going.
  • Always make sure you have the right equipment.
  • Always ready to solve mysteries.
  • Don't wear spy clothes in public.
  • If you don't fully trust someone from your members, don't give out all the information about a case.
  • Always be alert.
  • Never show your equipment unless necessary.
  • Be smarter and wiser than the other members.
  • If someone is hurt, you have to help him.
  • A locked journal can also be a useful tool.


  • Be careful! Always keep your name a secret. Don't trust a suspicious member of your team, as he could be a double agent.
  • Always remember that you can get caught, so be careful about that.

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