3 Ways to Be a Conservative Girl

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3 Ways to Be a Conservative Girl
3 Ways to Be a Conservative Girl

When they hear the word "conservative", many people associate it with politics. However, being a conservative person means living a conservative life, instead of just making choices in politics. This article explains how to live life as a conservative girl or imitate someone who is conservative.


Be a Conservative Girl Step 1
Be a Conservative Girl Step 1

Step 1. Understand what "conservative" means

Conservative means holding fast to traditions and virtues; tend to resist change; traditional or ancient style; be moderate and cautious.

  • The term "conservative" can be applied to various aspects of life, such as appearance, lifestyle, or political views.
  • You are free to choose whether you want to be a conservative girl in any or all of these aspects.

Method 1 of 3: Looking Conservative

Be a Conservative Girl Step 2
Be a Conservative Girl Step 2

Step 1. Decide on the right outfit

Wear clothes that are sewn well so that your appearance is always neat, polite, and attractive. Do not wear clothes that seem sexy or very flashy.

  • Prepare some neutral colored clothes (black, white, gray, brown, dark blue) and other colors as accents.
  • Also prepare a shirt, blouse, neat trousers, blazer, and sweater.
  • You can look fashionable, but don't wear clothes that are too tight, shorts, or miniskirts.
  • Little things can make a big difference, like buttoning a shirt higher or wrapping a tight sweater in a camis.
  • Do not wear a blouse with a low neck so that it shows the cleavage. Instead of looking sexy, choose clothes that make you look elegant. If wearing a collared shirt, button all buttons from top to bottom. This step has a positive impact on your appearance and personality because it will give the impression that you are as neat, polite, wise, and conservative as you want!
Be a Conservative Girl Step 3
Be a Conservative Girl Step 3

Step 2. Choose the right accessories

Prepare jewelry and other accessories that are simple, attractive, and classic.

  • Pearl, diamond or crystal necklaces and natural stone beaded bracelets are classic pieces of jewelry.
  • Batik scarves, diamond brooches, or long necklaces with pendants make your appearance more colorful, more fashionable, and more attractive.
Be a Conservative Girl Step 4
Be a Conservative Girl Step 4

Step 3. Style the hair in a classic style

Conservative girls take care of their hair regularly and choose classic hairstyles.

  • Hair styling with a simple model, such as a bob or long hair with layers is the best choice. Also, you can style your hair in a bun at the top of your head or in a ponytail.
  • You can dye your hair, but choose a natural color. Conservative girls never dye their hair green.
  • Whatever style you choose, make sure your hair is always neat.
Be a Conservative Girl Step 5
Be a Conservative Girl Step 5

Step 4. Get used to makeup with simple and natural makeup

Choose neutral colored cosmetics so that the makeup looks natural.

  • Apply a thin layer of cosmetics. Heavy makeup makes the face look masked and unattractive.
  • If you want to apply light color makeup, determine the area of the face that you want to highlight and leave the other areas natural. Dark red lipstick should be combined with soft eye shadow. If you like light eyeshadow, opt for a neutral lipstick or simply apply a colorless lip gloss.
  • You can get a tattoo, but ask for a tattoo on a part of the body that can be covered with clothing. If you want to be a true conservative girl, don't get tattoos at all.

Method 2 of 3: Choosing a Conservative Lifestyle and Philosophy

Be a Conservative Girl Step 6
Be a Conservative Girl Step 6

Step 1. Adopt a conservative lifestyle

Girls who choose a conservative lifestyle are always calm, thoughtful, careful, and polite. Even though they seem a bit outdated, conservative girls always respect themselves and respect others.

Be a Conservative Girl Step 7
Be a Conservative Girl Step 7

Step 2. Respect yourself and your body

Conservative girls respect themselves by taking care of their bodies, taking care of their health, and taking care of themselves.

  • Get in the habit of getting enough sleep at night, eating nutritious foods, and exercising regularly.
  • Consult a doctor for a health check and see a dentist for regular dental checkups.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs.
Be a Conservative Girl Step 8
Be a Conservative Girl Step 8

Step 3. Respect others

Conservative girls will always be well behaved, practice good etiquette, and place great importance on manners.

  • Don't interrupt if someone else is talking. Wait until it's your turn to speak.
  • Get into the habit of saying, "please," "thank you," and "excuse me."
  • Address older people with "Father" or "Mom," unless they ask you to call them by their first names.
  • Help others whenever possible, for example by holding the door for others (women can do this as well as men) or giving the elderly a seat on the bus.
Be a Conservative Girl Step 9
Be a Conservative Girl Step 9

Step 4. Set aside time for dating, but do it wisely

Conservative girls may date or be romantically involved in a dignified manner.

  • Give single men a chance to approach you. Don't flirt, flirt, or be a slut on a date.
  • Sex is permissible only if you are married and with a legal husband. Never have casual sex as a way of respecting yourself!
  • Do not feel proud if you are able to conquer a man's heart. Conservative girls don't kiss and then tell others.
  • When choosing a date, make your decision after considering their personality, linking interests, and values. Don't choose a date just because you feel physically or sexually attracted.
Get Over a Guy Step 10
Get Over a Guy Step 10

Step 5. Listen to quality and useful music

You can listen to all kinds of music, but conservative girls will enjoy country music, religious, contemporary (Mariah Carey and Michael Buble), classical, keroncong, and listening to pop. Striking rap and rock music aren't for you. Conservative girls can enjoy classics and jazz, especially religious ones.

Be a Conservative Girl Step 10
Be a Conservative Girl Step 10

Step 6. Do money and financial management smartly and wisely

Conservative girls will be very careful about managing money. He realized the importance of preparing himself financially to live life in the future.

  • Make a financial budget and then apply it as best you can. When making a budget, make sure you set aside funds as savings.
  • Don't get into debt. If you are in debt, make a plan to pay it off.
  • Invest wisely. Don't let your savings run out. Look for complete information before making an investment.

Method 3 of 3: Be Conservative in Politics

Be a Conservative Girl Step 11
Be a Conservative Girl Step 11

Step 1. Understand what it means to be conservative in politics

Before making a choice in conservative politics, make sure you understand what it means. Conservative politicians will fight for:

  • Economic freedom, low tax rates, and a free market economy
  • A clean government and the fulfillment of the rights of every citizen
  • Application of constitutional law
  • Strong national defense system
Be a Conservative Girl Step 12
Be a Conservative Girl Step 12

Step 2. Know the difference between political and social conservatism

Many conservative politicians uphold the value of virtue and maintain tradition in social life, for example:

  • Prioritizing loyalty, family, and religious life
  • Maintaining traditional marriage and other virtues in the family.
  • Believing that abortion should be prohibited and condemned.
Be a Conservative Girl Step 13
Be a Conservative Girl Step 13

Step 3. Learn things about political parties

You don't need to join or be a member of a political party, but it's a good idea to broaden your horizons about politics.

  • Read the vision and mission of a clean conservative political party. Conservative politicians usually support a clean government.
  • Seek information through various media about parties that support the government and opposition parties.
  • Make choices according to your beliefs.


  • To be ready for a discussion if someone asks you questions about your beliefs, try to broaden your horizons about the topic.
  • Don't let your friends force you to change. Good friends won't ask you to change.
  • Being a conservative girl does not mean having to be a housewife. You can have a career according to your dreams and beliefs.

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