How to Become a UFO Hunter: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Become a UFO Hunter: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Become a UFO Hunter: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

The Milky Way galaxy may have tens of billions of habitable planets. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hunters think it's only a matter of time before creatures from other planets come to Earth to investigate – and it's possible that some have already done so. If you want to become a UFO hunter, start by checking strategic places for UFO sightings. Apart from knowing where to start, you'll also need good camera equipment and recording equipment. Read on to learn how to become a UFO hunter.


Part 1 of 2: Learning to Hunt

Become a UFO Hunter Step 1
Become a UFO Hunter Step 1

Step 1. Prepare a good camera

UFO "hunting" includes finding and viewing UFOs that usually appear at night and taking pictures or recording UFO activity. Many people claim that they have seen UFOs, and some even report that they have been abducted, but none of them can provide concrete evidence that what they say actually happened. Since we live in a skeptical society, a serious UFO hunter must be well equipped to get src="" Hunter-Step-2-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Become-a-UFO-Hunter-Step-2-Version-2.jpg">

Step 2. Bring a notebook and pen

You must keep detailed records of the observations you make. Carry your notebook and writing utensil with you at all times so that you can write down all the information you need when an apparition occurs. Later when you get home, plan to keep a record of the information you get on your computer.

Become a UFO Hunter Step 3
Become a UFO Hunter Step 3

Step 3. Look for UFO sightings

Organizations such as the National UFO Reporting Center have databases stored online, which inform several sightings of place, date, and form. Search for UFO sightings in your area. There's no guarantee you'll see UFOs there, but places where there have been UFO sightings are a good place to start.

  • Plan to visit the same place several times.
  • If necessary, make an itinerary to visit a place in a different country. If anything, some countries don't have many UFO sightings.
  • Go where there is no heavy air traffic, so you don't mistake human air transport for UFOs.
Become a UFO Hunter Step 4
Become a UFO Hunter Step 4

Step 4. Set up camp for a few hours at night

When you arrive at the location, you may be sitting for a long time before you will see any activity. Patience is a trait that must be possessed by UFO hunters; So be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting under the sea of stars.

Become a UFO Hunter Step 5
Become a UFO Hunter Step 5

Step 5. Record any activity you see

As soon as you see activity, even if you are unsure that what you saw was a UFO, write down your observations. Record the following information:

  • Time and date of sighting
  • Location of sighting
  • UFO shape, size and color
  • Other eye witnesses, if any
Become a UFO Hunter Step 6
Become a UFO Hunter Step 6

Step 6. Distinguish UFOs from man-made airplanes

After you have hunted UFOs for some time, you will be able to see the pattern. Do some research to see if what you see does have an explanation; for example, if you see a UFO near an air base, you may see a man-made airplane, even though what you see may look alien. An actual UFO may have the following characteristics:

  • UFOs do not move and go in a straight line, but move up or down, or meander. UFOs may have unusual movements.
  • UFO lights do not flicker like airplanes in general.
  • UFOs may have a disk-like shape, a triangle, or even a completely different shape.

Part 2 of 2: Join the Ufology Community

Become a UFO Hunter Step 7
Become a UFO Hunter Step 7

Step 1. Report the sightings you see to an existing database

The Ufology Organization maintains a database that stores all important statistics regarding various UFO sightings. If you see UFOs and report them, you will make a great contribution to the UFO community. You can also learn a lot by spending time reading reports written by other people.

Become a UFO Hunter Step 8
Become a UFO Hunter Step 8

Step 2. Search for a Ufology organization and join the organization

There are several organizations that have been established with branches located in several countries. If you are interested in studying things related to UFOs for a long time, it would be better if you join the group. Here are some options:

  • Mutual UFO Network
  • UFOdb
  • National UFO Reporting Center


  • Prepare your passport and pack your gear. Traveling around the world to research and hunt for UFOs is an option. You could be in a desert, forest, or mountain top.
  • Never pay someone to join a "UFO club" or view UFO photos/videos. This is a scam.
  • Observation skills must be perfect. You should feel comfortable being out in the open as you will be getting away from big cities (light sources).


  • Be aware that this study takes a long time, so it may affect your relationship with the people in your life. There is work to be done at night and you should make some time to get away from home. Your partner may not approve or support this activity.
  • You have to be willing to accept ridicule. Keep a sense of humor, you'll need it.
  • It will be difficult to fund your adventures if you are not from affluent circles.

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