How to Draw Manga Hair: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Draw Manga Hair: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Draw Manga Hair: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Hair in manga (Japanese comics) can be quite difficult to draw well. Hair in the manga has a variety of styles, each with its own technique. However, if you have a basic understanding of how to draw and how hair looks in manga, you can adapt your skills so that you can draw all types of hairstyles in manga. Hair in manga can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and your character still looks great. Like hairstyles in real life, hairstyles in manga are too many to cover all in one article. This article will teach you how to draw simple hair for a male character using simple techniques. As your talent and knowledge develop, you can try drawing more elaborate and flashy hairstyles typical of manga.


Draw Manga Hair Step 1
Draw Manga Hair Step 1

Step 1. Draw your character's head

You need a basic outline for drawing. Don't worry too much about your character's face and focus on the shape of the head. Remember, heads in manga vary depending on gender. Women usually have a head that is rounder, smaller, and less rigid than men.

Draw Manga Hair Step 2
Draw Manga Hair Step 2

Step 2. Think about what you want your hair to look like

Don't be afraid to draw a slightly odd model. Many famous manga have characters with absurd and absurd hairstyles. There are a few basic things you need to determine:

  • Place the hair part.
  • Whether the character has bangs or not.
  • How long is the character's hair.
  • Does the hairstyle match the character's personality.
  • Will the character wear a headband, hat, forehead protector, or other accessory that will change the look of the hair.
Draw Manga Hair Step 3
Draw Manga Hair Step 3

Step 3. Outline the hair on the character's head

Usually, the distance between the forehead and the crown of the hair should be equal to the distance from the crown to the highest part of the hair. In addition, the distance to both sides of the head must be the same to determine the distance from the side of the head to the side of the character's hair. This method is just a guide and can be changed when the hairstyle is to your liking.

Draw Manga Hair Step 4
Draw Manga Hair Step 4

Step 4. Outline the basic outline of your hair

Take a look at the guide sketches you previously made. It will be easier if you draw from the top of the bangs/forehead and continue towards the outside. Pay attention to where your character's hair is falling.

Draw Manga Hair Step 5
Draw Manga Hair Step 5

Step 5. Draw the details and shape of your hair

Hair in manga consists of many groups of strands of hair. By adding groups of strands, or dividing a large group into smaller groups, you can make your character's hairstyle even more complex. Don't forget to pay attention to the direction of the character's hair.

Draw Manga Hair Step 6
Draw Manga Hair Step 6

Step 6. Color and/or shadow the character's hair

Whether you're going to color your character's hair or not, the manga's hair coloring/shadowing follows a similar technique. Hair in manga is always shiny and firm. Determine the direction of the light before you start. If the light is coming from the left, the character's hair is lighter on the left, and vice versa. If the light is coming from the front, the front of the hair like the bangs and sideburns should be a lighter color than the hair around the back of the neck. Start with a 'base' color, and add lighter or darker colors in the light-affected areas.

Draw Manga Hair Step 7
Draw Manga Hair Step 7

Step 7. Finish the whole character face

Manga character's hair gives personality to the character. In fact, manga characters look the same when drawn without hair. Take this into account when determining facial features and expressions. Color and shade the face, and polish the character's hair. Once you're satisfied with your character, retrace the outlines and important features with a black ink pen. The ink will strengthen the lines and hide the pencil strokes so that the image stands out and the character looks finished.


  • Don't rush and visualize your character's hairstyle. Once you've completed a process, you can start to pick up speed, but don't do it until you find the hairstyle you want.
  • Try simple strokes. Don't spend too much time trying to make a piece of hair look good.
  • Even if you draw realistic manga, use imagination! Hair is what distinguishes one character from another.
  • Don't be frustrated. Use an eraser if you draw wrong.
  • Be yourself! Don't care what other people think if you like your pictures. This is what matters. After all, who knows your image will become famous in the future.
  • Feel free to delete one part of the image that is not satisfactory
  • Try drawing in several stages: draw until you feel the image looks good, make one or more copies and print. This will help give you more options so you can experiment more broadly, for example in determining your mustache or hair color. Thanks to copy, you don't have to start over from scratch.
  • Be patient. Good pictures cannot be obtained instantly. Sometimes, it can take an hour to complete a drawing of one person.

    Make sure your pencil is sharp. Drawing manga requires a sharp pencil to produce clear and crisp images

  • Start with a light sketch and erase the unsatisfactory parts without dirtying your drawing paper.
  • Make your hair shiny the way you like it, and don't be afraid to add some 'weird' accessories!
  • Start with simple standing hair with a few ends.
  • Let the pencil draw on the paper. You don't have to think too much about it.
  • Free yourself while drawing sketch strokes. This will really help visualize your finished image.
  • Hair shine isn't always necessary if you're making a character with bright hair color.
  • Don't make your hair too spiky.
  • Try making hair shaped like a broom, or tracing hairstyles from real people.

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