3 Ways to Make Soap Bubbles for Your Kids

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3 Ways to Make Soap Bubbles for Your Kids
3 Ways to Make Soap Bubbles for Your Kids

Watching soap bubbles float in the wind and then burst is a holiday delight that every little child enjoys. You can buy a bottle of soap solution and a blower stick at the store, but it's actually very easy to make your own bubbles using ingredients you can find at home. Continue reading and learn how to make a soap bubble solution with the blower stick.


Method 1 of 3: Making a Bubble Solution

Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 1
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 1

Step 1. Mix soap and water

Bubbles can be made using any type of liquid soap you have in your home. Some types of soap produce bubbles that last longer than others. So experiment with different types of soap to find one you like. Mix one part liquid soap and four parts water in a jar, cup or bowl. Try some of the following types of soap:

  • Liquid dish soap. A solution of liquid dish soap produces a large bubble base, and this ingredient may already be available in your home.
  • Liquid body wash or shampoo. They may not produce as much lather as a dish soap solution, but they still react well to create bubbles.
  • All kinds of natural laundry detergent. Try to avoid commercial detergent products that may not be safe for children. Chemical-free laundry detergent can be found in health food stores.
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 2
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 2

Step 2. Improve the quality of the bubble solution

There are a few tricks you can use to make the bubbles stronger and more attractive than regular soap bubbles. Experiment with the following ingredients until you have created a solution your kids will love:

  • Add a little sugar, corn syrup, or starch (tapioca flour) to the mixture. These will make the bubbles a little thicker, so they will last longer.
  • Add food coloring. You can separate the solution into several containers and make several different colored bubbles.
  • Add entertaining decorative materials. Did your kids know if you can make bubbles with glitter (particles of powder that glow in color when exposed to light), tiny flower petals, or other small ingredients? Which one makes the bubble pop?

Method 2 of 3: Making a Bubble Blowing Rod

Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 3
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 3

Step 1. Make a small bubble blower stalk

Bubble blowers that you can buy at the store are usually made of plastic. But actually, most materials with holes can be used to blow bubbles. Look around your home for materials that can be bent or formed into bubble-blowing sticks.

  • Bend the top end of the pipe cleaner (choose the appropriate diameter) into a circle, then bend the end of the circle around the stem of the pipe cleaner to form a bubble blower stem.
  • If you have an old egg carton that you don't use anymore, you can use the circle shape, which holds the eggs, as a bubble blower stick.
  • Bend the straw into a bubble-blowing stem, and secure the loop using adhesive tape (tape).
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 4
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 4

Step 2. Make a giant bubble blower stalk

Blowing tons of tiny bubbles is a lot of fun. However, you can also make big sticks to blow giant bubbles. You will need a large bubble-blowing stalk wrapped in a little gauze; The gauze serves to stabilize the solution, so bubbles can form without popping.

  • Straighten the hanger wire. For that you may need a pair of pliers to untangle/straighten the top of the wire.
  • Bend one end of the wire into a loop, then tie the end of the loop to the straight part of the wire with the help of pliers.
  • Wrap a net or gauze, such as chicken wire, around the circle. Use pliers to bend it in that section.

Method 3 of 3: Blowing Soap Bubbles

Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 5
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 5

Step 1. Blow small bubbles

First, get out of the house, because soap bubbles look their best when sunlight shines through the swirls of colorful bubbles. Dip the small bubble-blowing stick you made into the soap bubble solution. Hold the circular part of the stem in front of your mouth, then blow gently. Watch the bubbles flow from the loop of the blower stem and float in the air, then burst.

  • If you are using soap bubbles with food coloring, be sure not to blow them indoors as they may stain furniture and carpets.
  • To make a lot of tiny bubbles, get a large amount of soap solution on the stem of the bubbleblower, then blow with extra force.
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 6
Make Soap Bubbles for Your Children Step 6

Step 2. Create a giant bubble

Pour the soap solution into a shallow tray/tray. Place a large bubble-blowing rod into the solution until the entire surface is covered with the solution. Gently lift the handle of the blower out of the solution and make sure the circular soap solution membrane has stretched through the blower hole. Then, gently wave the blower/bubbler in the air; a large bubble will form and separate from the wire.

  • Try running with the big bubble blower to make bigger bubbles.
  • Stand high, such as the highest part of the terrace steps, then create a large bubble that will float gently down to the ground. This way, the bubbles will last longer.

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