3 Ways to Get Fit in the Gym

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3 Ways to Get Fit in the Gym
3 Ways to Get Fit in the Gym

Exercising at the gym (fitness center) is beneficial for maintaining health, but many people feel burdened because they don't know how to start. There are also those who regularly train in the gym, but the results are not as expected. No matter what training goal you want to achieve, find the comfort of working out in the gym by establishing a safe and rewarding workout routine. To get maximum results, come to the gym with good preparation.


Method 1 of 3: Workout in the Gym with Maximum Results

Get Fit in the Gym Step 1
Get Fit in the Gym Step 1

Step 1. Determine a practice schedule that can be applied consistently

In order to get results in a short time, maybe you plan to work out at the gym every day. However, you will feel tired from practicing too much and frustrated if you can't practice on schedule. Therefore, determine how many days you want to practice in a week and then apply it consistently. You can practice more often if you have formed a new habit.

  • If you haven't been exercising regularly, schedule 2 days a week to work out at the gym. That way, you can adapt to the new schedule without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Alternatively, come to the gym every other day so that you have a day's rest before training again.
  • If weekends are very busy, practice after work or after school so you don't have to hit the gym on the weekends.
Get Fit in the Gym Step 2
Get Fit in the Gym Step 2

Step 2. Prepare comfortable clothes and supportive sports shoes for training at the gym

Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely while exercising. Choose sweatshirts that absorb sweat and shorts that don't limit your range of motion.

  • Shirts and pants made of polyester, spandex, nylon, or cotton-polyester are perfect for wearing at the gym.
  • Clothes that have been exposed to sweat, especially from polyester, must be washed immediately because they will smell bad.
Get Fit in the Gym Step 3
Get Fit in the Gym Step 3

Step 3. Bring water to keep your body hydrated while exercising

Exercise in the gym makes the body sweat and dehydrated. Make sure you drink enough water while exercising. Drink approximately 250 ml of water every time you exercise for 15 minutes.

  • When exercising, dehydration is bad for the body because it causes muscle spasms, dizziness, and weakens muscles.
  • If you want to train for more than 1 hour, bring a special drink to exercise to keep your body energized. However, there are many types of energy drinks. Choose isotonic drinks that contain carbohydrates and sodium because they make the body more energetic during exercise.
Get Fit in the Gym Step 4
Get Fit in the Gym Step 4

Step 4. Warm up for 5-10 minutes before exercising so you don't hurt your muscles

After being in the gym, make it a habit to warm up before exercising. Perform dynamic movements that stretch your muscles to the best of your ability, such as swinging your legs, bending your knees to your chest, and twisting your arms. Warming up with dynamic movements is a great way to prepare your body for exercise.

Don't forget to warm up before exercising. Muscles are easy to injure if you directly exercise without warming up

Get Fit in the Gym Step 5
Get Fit in the Gym Step 5

Step 5. Do aerobic and strengthening exercises

Instead of just doing certain exercises, get in the habit of exercising in a balanced way by combining aerobic and strengthening exercises. Take advantage of the equipment available at the gym to practice strengthening, aerobics, and muscle building. That way, you can train with weights while burning calories.

  • Do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobics a week. To practice strengthening the body, do 2 movements/postures for resistance training 20 minutes each a week.
  • Aerobic exercise and body strengthening do not need to be done on the same day. You can do aerobics on a certain day and then do some body-strengthening exercises the next day.
  • Balanced exercise makes you fitter, but you are free to choose the type of exercise according to the goals you want to achieve. For example, if you want to build muscle, allocate more time to weight training. If you want to lose weight, focus on aerobic exercise.
  • The comparison between aerobic exercise and body strengthening must be adjusted to the training objectives, body weight, and the type of exercise desired.
Get Fit in the Gym Step 6
Get Fit in the Gym Step 6

Step 6. After your workout, have a healthy snack to recover

Choose snacks that contain carbohydrates and protein as a source of energy and muscle building. If you want to lose weight, eat a low-calorie snack of 150-200 calories.

  • For example, eat a banana and peanut butter or a cup of fat-free Greek yogurt topped with honey and fruit slices as an after-workout snack.
  • Make a smoothie from fruit and protein powder.

Method 2 of 3: Doing Aerobics Workout at the Gym

Get Fit in the Gym Step 7
Get Fit in the Gym Step 7

Step 1. Use a treadmill for walking or run.

Some gyms provide a treadmill that can be used for aerobic exercise and burn calories. Exercising using a treadmill feels more practical because the speed and incline of the footing can be adjusted according to the purpose of training.

  • For people who weigh 68 kg, walking leisurely using a treadmill is beneficial to burn 125 calories.
  • If your knees hurt or are injured, use other tools to do aerobics because treadmills are not safe for your knees.
Get Fit in the Gym Step 8
Get Fit in the Gym Step 8

Step 2. Practice using the elliptical machine

You can practice aerobics to burn calories using an elliptical machine. Just like a treadmill, this machine can be adjusted according to the intensity of the exercise. In general, gyms provide elliptical machines because many people like them. So, you can find them easily at the gym.

Practicing using the elliptical machine for 30 minutes can burn 170-320 calories, depending on your body weight and intensity of exercise. For example, a person who weighs 91 kg needs 286 calories during 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise using the elliptical machine

Get Fit in the Gym Step 9
Get Fit in the Gym Step 9

Step 3. Practice on a stationary bicycle

Pedaling a moderate-intensity stationary bike for 30 minutes is beneficial for burning 200-700 calories according to body weight. This exercise is a great choice if you have knee problems because the machine will support your weight.

  • For example, a person who weighs 68 kg burns 250 calories while exercising at moderate intensity on a stationary bicycle for 30 minutes.
  • For beginners, practice pedaling at a light intensity and then increase gradually according to ability.
Get Fit in the Gym Step 10
Get Fit in the Gym Step 10

Step 4. Practice using the rowing machine as if you were rowing a canoe

Practicing aerobics using a rowing machine is beneficial for your overall physical training without putting stress on your joints. Rowing is useful for burning calories while working your arms, legs, and core muscles. Set the machine so that you start at a light intensity and then increase it little by little to prevent back pain.

Practicing using a rowing machine for 1 hour is beneficial for burning 400-700 calories according to body weight. For example, a person who weighs 110 kg uses 650 calories during a moderate-intensity exercise using a rowing machine for 1 hour

Method 3 of 3: Practice Body Strengthening

Get Fit in the Gym Step 11
Get Fit in the Gym Step 11

Step 1. Use your body weight as a weight when you start exercising

Using a weight machine and dumbbells can be quite confusing if you're just starting out at the gym. However, you can still practice strengthening your body using your body weight as a weight to increase resistance by doing the following postures:

  • Squat
  • Push Ups
  • Lunge
  • Plank
  • Crunch
Get Fit in the Gym Step 12
Get Fit in the Gym Step 12

Step 2. Do weight training to increase resistance

In general, gyms provide a variety of equipment for weight training, such as dumbbells and barbells. Muscle building exercises are more effective as resistance increases. First, use light weights to make them easier to lift so that you train with the correct posture and then increase the weight gradually to make the exercise more challenging. Start weight training by doing:

  • Deadlift
  • Bicep curls
  • Bent over rows (upper back strengthening with rowing)
  • Bench press
Get Fit in the Gym Step 13
Get Fit in the Gym Step 13

Step 3. Use the machine to work out the weights in the gym

If you don't know how to do it, weight training using a machine may be confusing. However, machines for weight training are very beneficial for building muscle when used with the right technique. To find out how to use the machine, ask a fitness trainer who works at the gym to explain proper weight training techniques or hire a professional instructor who can tell you what to do. Use the following equipment for weight training:

  • Pulldown machine. Use a pulldown machine to work your upper body, such as the latissimus dorsi, biceps, and forearms.
  • "The Smith" machine for working the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, core, upper back and shoulders.
  • Wired load machine. Use different types of wired weights to increase resistance by doing shoulder presses, step ups, lateral raises, and crunches.
  • Machines for stretching the lower back are useful for working the back muscles.


  • Download songs with uplifting musical accompaniment to listen to while working out at the gym.
  • If you prefer to work out when the gym is quiet, come in the afternoon or evening when there is less exercise.

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