3 Ways to Be "Happy" Without Drugs

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3 Ways to Be "Happy" Without Drugs
3 Ways to Be "Happy" Without Drugs

When talking about "giting", most people will assume that the cause is drugs. However, there are many techniques that take advantage of the body's natural functions to experience this feeling of happiness without the use of drugs or external chemicals. This technique allows you to feel a wide variety of pitches, from mild to moderately strong.


Method 1 of 3: Using Breathing Techniques

Get High Without Drugs Step 1
Get High Without Drugs Step 1

Step 1. Get ready to be giting

Before starting this technique, make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to focus. This technique allows you to increase the oxygen in the body and produce foreign sensations. Be prepared and make sure your attention is not distracted before using this technique.

  • This technique is easiest to do when sitting or lying down.
  • Make sure your phone is off, or place it where you can't see it while reading this article.
  • Set up a space that allows you to focus.
  • Before doing this technique, first consult with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to apply it.
  • Do not use this technique if you have a medical condition, such as asthma.
Get High Without Drugs Step 2
Get High Without Drugs Step 2

Step 2. Inhale

To bring oxygen into the body, you have to breathe properly. When taking deep breaths, make sure you use your diaphragm so that the inhalation is full and complete. You must inhale fully to be able to do this breathing technique properly.

  • Use the solar plexus or diaphragm to fully inhale.
  • Your inhalation only lasts for a second.
  • Try to take in as much air as possible while inhaling.
Get High Without Drugs Step 3
Get High Without Drugs Step 3

Step 3. Exhale

After taking a deep breath using your diaphragm, exhale quickly with a bit of force. Make sure your lungs are almost empty when you exhale all the air. Nearly empty lungs allow you to inhale one more breath thereby drawing in and holding in oxygen.

  • Tighten your stomach as you exhale to push air out of your lungs.
  • Exhalation should last at least 1 second.
  • Make sure the exhalation is strong enough to push most of the air out of the lungs.
  • Do not exhale completely. Try to leave a little air in the lungs.
Get High Without Drugs Step 4
Get High Without Drugs Step 4

Step 4. Repeat 30 times

So that you can feel the effects of this breathing technique need to be done 30 times. One full inhale and exhale counts as one breath. So you need to inhale and exhale fully 30 times.

  • You will start to feel a tingling feeling in your body.
  • The state of your soul begins to change.
  • You begin to see a twist of color or image.
  • If you feel dizzy or have pain, stop immediately.
Get High Without Drugs Step 5
Get High Without Drugs Step 5

Step 5. Hold your breath

After the last inhale and exhale cycle, hold your breath. Since you've inhaled a lot of oxygen, you should now be able to hold your breath longer than usual. While holding your breath, examine your body and mind for new sensations.

  • Hold your breath until you feel the urge to breathe again.
  • Don't force yourself to hold your breath.
  • Inhale when necessary, hold the inhale for 15 seconds before breathing normally again.
Get High Without Drugs Step 6
Get High Without Drugs Step 6

Step 6. Practice

You can add a few more loops as you become more comfortable with this technique. Increasing practice of this technique will allow you to feel the sensations more quickly and strongly.

  • Practice at least once a day.
  • Increase the number of cycles of this breathing technique for a stronger effect.
  • Increase gradually, slowly, and patiently over time until about 4 rounds.

Method 2 of 3: Using Intense Exercise

Get High Without Drugs Step 7
Get High Without Drugs Step 7

Step 1. Choose your favorite form of exercise

Whether you are new or experienced, you need to find a method of exercising that you enjoy the most. Find the exercises that you find the most challenging and interesting will help you feel high from intense training.

  • The exercise you choose should be able to be maintained at a high intensity over time.
  • Choosing an exercise you enjoy will keep you wanting to practice until you feel high.
  • You can try running, swimming, rowing, or other repetitive cardio exercises.
  • Do not use this method if you have a medical condition that does not allow you to exercise vigorously, such as a heart problem or injury.
  • Ask your doctor if your body is still safe for strenuous exercise.
Get High Without Drugs Step 8
Get High Without Drugs Step 8

Step 2. Warm up

Before starting the exercise, you should warm up. Starting a strenuous workout without a warm-up will greatly increase the risk of injury. Warming up also allows the body to be ready to exercise so that the exercise becomes stronger.

  • Warming up will prevent injury.
  • A warm-up will maximize your workout.
Get High Without Drugs Step 9
Get High Without Drugs Step 9

Step 3. Push yourself

The key to successfully feeling the tightness from physical exhaustion is pushing your body to the limit during exercise. Although the biological mechanism of this tingling sensation is still unknown, prolonged and physically exhausting activity is said to produce a tingling-like sensation.

  • It is thought that this tingling sensation is caused by the increased production of endorphins in the body during strenuous exercise.
  • Some research results show that the impact of exercise is psychological, namely from a sense of success after achieving difficult goals.
  • Stop if you experience pain, unusual tiredness, dizziness, tightness in your chest, or blurred vision.
Get High Without Drugs Step 10
Get High Without Drugs Step 10

Step 4. Feel the giting

During long, intense training sessions, you will start to feel tight from exercising. These sensations are experienced and described as being different by those who experience them. Evaluate how you feel during the exercise and see if you feel tingly as a result.

  • Some people explain that exercise-induced bites feel like euphoria.
  • Others say that the giting from practice gives a feeling of invincibility or height.
  • Most people can feel a tingling from strenuous exercise, but not all.
Get High Without Drugs Step 11
Get High Without Drugs Step 11

Step 5. Keep practicing

In addition to feeling a tingling sensation, regular, intense exercise can also help fight depression and stress while relieving tension. By keeping training sessions strenuous, your fitness level and health can be improved, and you can continue to enjoy the high sensation of strenuous exercise.

  • This exercise can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • You can feel the tingling due to exercise every time you do strenuous exercise.
  • In addition to feeling intense, exercise will also make your body strong and healthy.

Method 3 of 3: Using the Ganzfeld Technique

Get High Without Drugs Step 12
Get High Without Drugs Step 12

Step 1. Cut a ping pong (table tennis) ball in half

The Ganzfeld technique utilizes sensory deprivation to create hallucinations and other alien feelings. To close your eyes, you'll use half a ping pong ball, and place it over your eye. Take a ping pong ball and split it right in the middle so that it becomes two equal parts.

  • Draw guide lines with a marker or pen so you can cut straight and even.
  • You can try cutting a ping pong ball with a razor blade or knife.
Get High Without Drugs Step 13
Get High Without Drugs Step 13

Step 2. Turn on white noise

To block hearing, the Ganzfeld technique recommends playing white noise or radio static. This sound will prevent you from hearing other sounds and thus experience auditory hallucinations in static sound.

  • You can find white noise generators online.
  • If you have a radio, set it to a station that only sounds static.
  • We recommend using headphones to make sure you only hear white noise.
Get High Without Drugs Step 14
Get High Without Drugs Step 14

Step 3. Adjust the light

You need lighting that is neither too dark nor too light to make the most of the Ganzfeld technique. Ideally, the lighting should be dim and indirect, which will allow you to see light through the ping pong ball, but not brightly.

  • You can try using the lamp, and moving it closer to and away from you to control its brightness.
  • The original Ganzfeld experiment used red lightning.
Get High Without Drugs Step 15
Get High Without Drugs Step 15

Step 4. Glue the ping pong ball on the eye

Once you've finished setting up the ping pong ball and found the source of the dim light and white noise, you can now glue the two halves of the ping pong ball over your eyes. This step will almost completely block the sense of sight and allow only indirect light to reach the eye.

  • Use a soft, easy-to-remove adhesive to attach half the ping pong to the eye.
  • Make sure the ping pong ball is completely blindfolded.
  • Be careful when gluing the ping pong ball to the eye.
  • Once it's stuck, keep your eyes open behind the half of the ping pong ball.
Get High Without Drugs Step 16
Get High Without Drugs Step 16

Step 5. Wait for the hallucinations

Sensory deprivation will allow your mind to wander and create highly detailed and engaging experiences. Your eyes and ears will try to fill in the details that are blocked by the white noise and soft light coming through the ping pong ball. Let the ping pong ball sit in your eye for a few minutes, relax, and wait for any strange or strange sounds or images your mind produces.

  • At first you will see something simple, such as light or swirling fog.
  • You can experience very vivid mental images.
  • You can hear a lot of sounds as if they were near or from inside your room
  • You can experience very interesting and realistic hallucinations that engage all five senses.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or there are unwanted effects, stop this activity immediately.


Apply the technique slowly and listen to your body as you try to achieve a natural pitch


  • If you feel dizzy, faint, or have pain during breathing exercises, stop immediately.
  • Talk to your doctor before trying any exercise program.

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