How to Host a Stay (with Pictures)

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How to Host a Stay (with Pictures)
How to Host a Stay (with Pictures)

When you're a kid, the most fun thing is when you get to host a sleepover. The hard part is making a plan and all the details. When your friends come, when someone already has a fun idea, you can make a pleasant and unforgettable night's stay. If you want to know how to be a good host, see step 1 to get started.


Part 1 of 3: Making a Plan

Deal With Not Being Allowed to Have a Sleepover Step 1
Deal With Not Being Allowed to Have a Sleepover Step 1

Step 1. Think of a theme for the day of your stay

People often do this on birthdays or when they want to be together. However, if you want to be creative, you can consider using a theme in your party. Here are some theme options:

  • Different times like 80s, 70s or 60s
  • Messy Hair Day
  • Reverse Day
  • Dress like your idol
  • Western Day
  • Hawaii Day
  • Pink Day
  • Pop Star Day
  • Twilight Day
  • Harry Potter Day
  • Clique Day (according to the book)
  • Chocolate or vanilla party
  • Tea Party
  • Hunger Games Game Day
  • Everyone dresses up like their favorite artist
  • Holiday themes like easter, valentine, or christmas.
Deal With Not Being Allowed to Have a Sleepover Step 4
Deal With Not Being Allowed to Have a Sleepover Step 4

Step 2. Define the guest list

Talk to your parents about the maximum number you can invite. Usually, 4-8 people, but it all depends on what you are going to do. Invite people who can create a fun atmosphere, who can get along with others, and also try not to hurt feelings by not forgetting someone in a group of friends.

If you have a shy friend who doesn't know anyone else, you need to determine if that person will enjoy it, or you'll just be wondering how to get that person involved in your game

Enjoy the Holidays (Sleepover) Step 2
Enjoy the Holidays (Sleepover) Step 2

Step 3. Write and send the invitation

You can send a letter, email, call, use Facebook, or invite in person. Also, try to use invitations that match the theme of your party, so people will know the general theme of your party. Remember to include special information, such as what to bring. Say it privately, so the uninvited don't feel left out.

  • You must tell your guests what time to come and be able to leave. Some people like to spend time getting bored the next day, but if you have something to do or your parents have an event, you should mention that on the invitation. You can also tell them that breakfast is provided.
  • It doesn't have to be formal. If you're just calling, that's okay too.
  • If you want a great online invitation, check out the Paperless Post. You have to pay for each invitation, but it's not as expensive as an expensive paper invitation.
  • Don't be disappointed if someone can't come. Some parents do not allow their children to stay at other people's homes.
Create a Fort for a Sleepover Step 4
Create a Fort for a Sleepover Step 4

Step 4. Get all the party supplies you need

Sit down and make a list of the things you need. Don't forget about food, dinner, snacks, movies, sodas, decorations and anything else you need. Make sure to check with your guests if they have any specific allergies, or if they are vegetarian.

  • You may need to go with your parents. In general, buy more than you need, so you won't be short on D-day.
  • If you provide breakfast, you should also plan for it, such as pancakes, fruit, etc.
  • If you plan on playing a game that you don't have, make sure you buy it you ask your friends to bring.
  • If you are going to watch a movie, have it in advance.
Deal With Not Being Allowed to Have a Sleepover Step 3
Deal With Not Being Allowed to Have a Sleepover Step 3

Step 5. Make a plan to keep your sibling busy in advance

You may have a sibling who also wants to join you, but you just want to spend time with your friends. If that's the case, then you should talk to your sibling to let you enjoy your time with your friends. You can also promise him something, like going out with him all day the next day.

If you can plan where your sibling will go with his friends at your event, all the better

Act Cool in Front of Your Hottie Neighbor Step 4
Act Cool in Front of Your Hottie Neighbor Step 4

Step 6. Make sure your friend doesn't have allergies

When your friends make sure to attend, you can tell them about allergies such as allergies to animals or food. People with allergies usually already have the medicine, if you have animals in the house, tell them so they can prepare it.

Part 2 of 3: Be an Awesome Host

Act Cool in Front of Your Hottie Neighbor Step 3
Act Cool in Front of Your Hottie Neighbor Step 3

Step 1. Be polite with them when they arrive

Usually they will come with parents, so be friendly with them and show you are a good you. Tell your friend to hang his jacket, and where to put bedding, and shoes. Ask if they want food or drink. Give them a small tour of your home. Name a place they can't enter. Show me where the bathroom is too!

Have a No Purpose Party Step 4
Have a No Purpose Party Step 4

Step 2. Prepare the food

If you've chosen foods like hot dogs or hamburgers, you'll need to make those meals if guests are around dinner time. Don't let guests starve. You can offer them sodas and snacks. You can even order food delivery, it's simpler.

  • Make sure there are snacks, so your guests have something to eat while you prepare the main course.
  • For sweets, you can make brownies, cupcakes, go to the store for candy and popcorn because some people are always hungry.
  • Make sure you have enough soda to drink, as well as water and juice. If you don't want people to get too excited at night, avoid caffeine.
Enjoy the Holidays (Sleepover) Step 5
Enjoy the Holidays (Sleepover) Step 5

Step 3. Play music and dance

If your friend likes to listen to Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, or whoever it is, turn on the music. Dance a little crazy, you also really need to burn a few calories from soda and snacks. You can also show off your dancing skills.

Enjoy the Holidays (Sleepover) Step 8
Enjoy the Holidays (Sleepover) Step 8

Step 4. Pillow fight

Pillow fighting is fun and high-energy. It's spontaneous, if you suddenly want a pillow fight, start right away. You have to get to the moment where everyone has a pillow. Be careful not to hurt anyone and explain that you are just playing around.

Be Like Greg Heffley Step 7
Be Like Greg Heffley Step 7

Step 5. Play video games

If you and your friends like to play Wii and other video games, then make sure a friend is there with a controller so lots of people can play together. Just make sure it's not too competitive. If you start to notice that some of your friends feel marginalized, start other activities. Remember, not everyone likes video games, and you can't leave them.

Back Up Your Memories and Ideas Step 15
Back Up Your Memories and Ideas Step 15

Step 6. Take a photo

You want to remember this moment! You can make a small photo session with your friends. Grab your phone camera and start taking photos. You can bring a whimsical costume and start getting stylish. If your parents are still awake, you can ask them to help you take a complete photo of you and your friends.

Achieve Higher Levels in Your Year 6 SATs Step 3
Achieve Higher Levels in Your Year 6 SATs Step 3

Step 7. Be respectful when guests want to go to bed early

Not everyone likes to stay up until dawn, so you should let those who want to sleep early. If other people are very noisy, you can even provide the bed elsewhere, but make sure this is okay for your parents.

Have Your Last Sleepover Before Middle School Step 24
Have Your Last Sleepover Before Middle School Step 24

Step 8. Play an evening game, such as Truth or Dare, or Pop Goes the Party

Games are the most fun way to enjoy a sleepover session. Make sure the game is easy to follow and not too long. For example, Monopoly is a good game, but too long. Choose something that grabs everyone's attention.

Have Your Last Sleepover Before Middle School Step 22
Have Your Last Sleepover Before Middle School Step 22

Step 9. Spooky stories

Grab a flashlight and start telling scary stories. You can even prepare it in advance, or have your guests prepare it first. Whoever tells the scariest story gets a prize. Make sure no one gets too scared, not everyone likes being scared or being in the dark.

Create a Movie Room for a Sleepover Step 8
Create a Movie Room for a Sleepover Step 8

Step 10. Watch a movie

Watching movies is another amazing thing to do, but do this at the last minute when you're all tired and just want to lie down for some entertainment. It's better if you have already decided what movie to watch. Sometimes you can spend a lot of time just deciding on a movie to watch, and this kills the built-in atmosphere.

Bring popcorn and cookies. This makes the atmosphere more lively. You can also bring snacks that you usually bring to the cinema such as M&M or Sno-caps

Act Like Teddy Duncan Step 6
Act Like Teddy Duncan Step 6

Step 11. It's okay to just chat

While planning lots of games and activities can be fun, sometimes the best thing is sitting and laughing together. You can tell stories, gossip, see class photos, or talk about your crush. If everyone is having fun talking, you don't need to spoil the atmosphere by offering other activities.

Find a Theme for Your Sleepover That Everyone Will Like Step 2
Find a Theme for Your Sleepover That Everyone Will Like Step 2

Step 12. Make sure everyone gets along well

If you start to notice someone is starting to argue or offend someone, take over. If something is too loud, politely say not to be too loud. Try to be impartial and listen to all parties, you don't want to create hostility in your stay.

Keep an eye on the rising tension, if you notice someone starting to argue, try changing the subject

Part 3 of 3: What to do the next morning

Have a Fabulous and Fun Sleepover (Teenage Girls) Step 10
Have a Fabulous and Fun Sleepover (Teenage Girls) Step 10

Step 1. When you wake up, wake up all your guests slowly

You should do this when it is time for them to leave. If you're the only one who's early, you can't wake them up either. Respect people who are still sleeping. If they are already starting to wake up, give them time to get ready rather than rushing them for breakfast.

Cool a Hot Drink Quickly Step 10
Cool a Hot Drink Quickly Step 10

Step 2. Ask if your guests are ready for breakfast

If most are hungry, tell them their breakfast choices. Try giving them something they don't eat often like Belgian waffles, but a simple meal is okay too. Not everyone wants breakfast, because they may still be full from yesterday's meal!

Be Like Hallie Parker From the Parent Trap Step 7
Be Like Hallie Parker From the Parent Trap Step 7

Step 3. Escort your guests to the door

This is a polite thing and should not be forgotten. Take them to the door and thank them. If their parents are waiting in front, greet them and thank them for picking up your friend. You can even help carry your friend's stuff.

Have Your Last Sleepover Before Middle School Step 11
Have Your Last Sleepover Before Middle School Step 11

Step 4. Clean up

Throw the popcorn and glass beak into the trash. This is your party, so you should clean it up, not your parents. If you do this yourself, your parents will be happy to allow another night's stay. If you can, you can clean at night with your friends, but it's no fun to interrupt the fun of cleaning. When all is clean, you can relax and enjoy your own time!


  • Check if everyone is happy! Make sure you don't just pay attention to one person. Get everyone involved.
  • Play truth or dare, or other fun games. But make sure no one gets offended or asks them to do something too personal or they don't want to come again.
  • Have fun combinations for breakfast and let your guests choose because everyone likes different things.
  • If anyone is vegetarian, make sure you have fruit, vegetables, and other foods that are also good for them!
  • Make sure you make a good impression before your friends. Clean your bathroom and bed.
  • If you are used to going to bed early, try to go to bed earlier the night before the event so you don't get tired during your stay.
  • Always make sure all guests are comfortable and enjoying their time.
  • Have lots of music. But don't be too loud or your neighbors will complain and this will spoil your fun.
  • Make sure you plan what you're going to do for the night, and make sure to plan it with your friends because otherwise everything on your list might not get done!
  • Don't watch movies that are not appropriate for your age. You can get into trouble. Also choose a film that is not sad. Comedy movies are the best choice.
  • Make your guests bring magazines, CDs, and other items. If they brought something, there would be more choices!
  • Don't worry too much about what people think about your party, enjoy it. If your guests don't like your party, they'll give you a hint. They won't say it outright, so pay attention to those little clues.
  • Take a photo! You want to remember this moment. After the party is over, send the photo to your friends.
  • Don't invite someone you don't really know to your event. The simple rule, if you've never been to their house, they shouldn't be at yours either, you don't know them well enough to invite them to your stay.
  • Have a pillow fight! But don't be too aggressive or break things.
  • Make craft items to remember the night. It can be a collection of photos that you decorate, or other decorations.
  • If you want to prank people that night, make sure everyone is okay with it first. If someone doesn't want to, don't do it. This could just spoil the mood!
  • If you tell a scary story, make sure it's dark.
  • When you choose invitations, choose wisely. Sometimes some people are so focused on inviting cool kids that they forget to invite their own friends.
  • Decide where everyone will sleep. You can ask your friends to bring their own mattresses and pillows and blankets.
  • Do make up. Nothing serious, but one you wouldn't do in public.
  • Make sure everyone knows where the nearest bathroom is. In addition, just a book or game if any of your friends can't sleep. Don't forget to bring a flashlight too.
  • Make sure your siblings have other activities at your party.
  • If your parents tell you to sleep, do it! Of course you don't want to upset them and don't allow sleepovers like this again!
  • Make sure you have food for everyone, including those with special needs such as vegetarians.
  • If you have pets, let everyone play with them.
  • Don't just stay at home, play outside too.
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable with who they sleep with. It's better you don't bring your friends from different groups or later they will separate and not enjoy. But you can also use games to bring everyone closer together.


  • Depending on your age, some guests will be homesick. Avoid this by making things fun, and if someone wants to go home, be sure to tell your parents and let them handle the situation, or let your friends call home so they feel better.
  • Make sure your party doesn't get too out of control.
  • Don't just watch TV all the time, everyone will be bored.
  • Make sure you have popcorn. This is a classic snack for watching movies. However, also consider if your friend has braces, it will be difficult to eat popcorn with braces.
  • It's okay to take a photo then upload it on facebook. But make sure the photos you upload do not show illegal acts (drinking alcohol) or embarrassing photos. If that asks you not to tag them in your photos, don't do it.
  • Make sure everyone knows which places they can't get into. Not only will they get into trouble, you will too!
  • Don't start making fun of other friends just because one of your friends doesn't like them.
  • Do not exaggerate. This is a casual sleepover and don't invite too many people, especially those who have problems with each other.
  • If anyone is afraid of your pet, make sure you keep your pet somewhere else so your guests feel comfortable.
  • If you are going to serve chips, watch out for a lot of crumbs that fall to the floor.

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