How to Deal with a Psychic Vampire: 10 Steps

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How to Deal with a Psychic Vampire: 10 Steps
How to Deal with a Psychic Vampire: 10 Steps

A psychic vampire, also known as an energy vampire, is a nickname for someone who is emotionally immature and drains the energy of others around him. Psychic vampires think only of themselves, are unable to empathize, and enter into relationships primarily to meet their own needs. In order to be able to deal with psychic vampires, learn how to identify psychic vampires, set boundaries for interaction, work to increase self-esteem, and respect yourself.


Part 1 of 3: Identifying the Psychic Vampire

Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 1
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 1

Step 1. Learn the different types of psychic vampires

Psychic vampires can be identified in several ways. Energy-draining relationships are formed according to the type of psychic vampire. Get to know psychic vampires through the following traits:

  • The “narcissistic” psychic vampires are very self-absorbed and self-righteous people. They lack empathy and are more likely to withdraw or be hostile if you don't do what they want. This happens because they are not able to love unconditionally.
  • The “victim” psychic vampire has a habit of feeling sorry for himself while going about his daily life. They believe that the whole world is against them and is to blame for their unhappiness. They keep complaining about the problems that occur, but always reject the proposed solutions that you provide.
  • The “controlling” psychic vampire always wants to control and manipulate your actions. They don't want to understand your feelings because they want to show dominance or make you feel humiliated.
  • Psychic “talking” vampires will take over the conversation by continuing to share their feelings and experiences without giving you a chance to speak. They are also used to invading private areas by getting so close to you that you can feel their breath.
  • The “drama lover” psychic vampire tries to suck up your energy by exaggerating the little things. If you are late for an appointment, the psychic vampire will immediately blame and won't listen to your excuses. They are also used to discussing small things by prioritizing their own interests excessively without thinking about the feelings of others.
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 2
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 2

Step 2. Try to evaluate your relationship with the person you suspect is a psychic vampire

Ask yourself if you feel tired interacting with the person and if you are in a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Are you a person who can empathize? Oftentimes, psychic vampires take advantage of people with high emotional strength because they have a hard time being satisfied. Do you think you're being too kind? Do you often get stuck in a one-sided relationship?
  • If you're in a grueling relationship, ask if it's beneficial to both parties. Psychic vampires will maintain friendships and self-beneficial love relationships. Try to remember if he cares when you are under stress. Will he listen to you talk or will he use the situation to talk about his own problems?
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 3
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 3

Step 3. Recognize how you feel

A person who interacts with a psychic vampire will experience both physical and emotional side effects. You may be in a relationship with a psychic vampire if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Eyelids feel heavy and often sleepy
  • Less enthusiastic
  • Want to eat carbohydrate snacks and other foods that provide a sense of comfort
  • Anxiety, depression, and negative attitudes appear
  • Often feel upset or disappointed

Part 2 of 3: Freeing Yourself from the Psychic Vampire

Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 4
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 4

Step 1. Define firm boundaries

The first step to dealing with psychic vampires is to set clear boundaries. If he realizes that you have limitations, he will leave you to find another victim.

  • Tell them what you can do and what you can't. Be specific about how much time, discretion, and energy you are willing to give, for example: "I enjoy talking to you and listening to your problems, but because you reject my proposed solution or don't want to be helped, I have to limit myself."
  • Set boundaries for your own good, especially if you're dealing with a "narcissistic" psychic vampire. Remind yourself that you don't fall in love or bond with someone who is in this emotional state because they can't possibly love you.
  • Use body language. If the psychic vampire starts to cross the line, cross your arms and avoid eye contact. This is a signal that says: “Back off! I don't want to deal with you."
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 5
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 5

Step 2. Stay away if you feel controlled

Psychic vampires are always trying to control other people. If you feel that your time and discretion are limited, don't continue the relationship.

  • If he starts to control you or give you unsolicited advice, say firmly that you don't need his advice, for example: "I appreciate your advice, but I want to solve my own problem."
  • People tend to internalize the criticism that psychic vampires give. This gives rise to a habit of self-criticism that is just as cruel as a psychic vampire. Get rid of the inner chatter that tells yourself that you are not capable of making decisions on your own. If self-deprecating inner chatter arises, stop and say to yourself, "These are useless negative thoughts."
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 6
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 6

Step 3. Stay away from psychic vampires

Under certain circumstances, consider whether you need to cut ties or at least reduce intimacy. You'll need to keep your distance if he continues to cross the line and demands that you put too much time and emotional energy into it. Do not reply to texts or answer phone calls and limit the time to interact with them.

Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 7
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 7

Step 4. Do deep breathing exercises

Dealing with psychic vampires can be stressful and exhausting. Breathing deeply relaxes you, restores calm, and can be an uplifting activity.

  • Start the exercise by placing your palms on your lower abdomen. Inhale deeply until the abdominal cavity expands and the palms you place on your stomach move with the inhalation. Hold your breath for a count of 3 then exhale slowly.
  • Breathing deeply can be a meditation practice. In addition to calming the mind, this breathing technique will increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. This method is able to increase the energy drained by psychic vampires.

Part 3 of 3: Recovering

Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 8
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 8

Step 1. See a therapist

Many people get stuck in relationships with psychic vampires because they have self-esteem issues. Consult a professional therapist if you are experiencing emotional problems, feelings, and difficulty interacting with other people. Ask your doctor to refer you to a specific therapist or take free on-campus counseling if you're still in college.

Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 9
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 9

Step 2. Get to know yourself

Often times, we are willing to be influenced by psychic vampires because we don't know ourselves. To avoid psychic vampires, try to understand what you really need and want.

  • Journaling can help you get to know yourself. Write down your thoughts and feelings every day. Allocate a specific time to jot down the emotions you're feeling, for example in the morning or before going to bed at night.
  • Spend time alone. Try to make time for yourself to be alone. You can only think about yourself and your emotional state if you are willing to allocate a few nights a week to be alone.
  • Ask yourself if you've always wanted to please other people. If you can't refuse requests and are afraid to disappoint others, this is psychic vampire soft food. Work on eliminating your tendency to please others so that you can free yourself from the control of the psychic vampire.
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 10
Deal With Psychic Vampires Step 10

Step 3. Do activities that increase energy

Having lots of energy and self-confidence will keep energy vampires away. Therefore, do activities that can increase energy and self-esteem in the following ways:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Work out in a team
  • Practice yoga
  • Practice floor exercises
  • Learn karate or other self-defense
  • Swimming
  • Bicycle
  • Exercising in the open


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