How to Dress for the Airport (For Women)

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How to Dress for the Airport (For Women)
How to Dress for the Airport (For Women)

Are you going to the airport in the near future? The clothes you wear can make traveling a lot more comfortable, but that doesn't mean you can't look fashionable.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing the Right Outfit for Going to the Airport

Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 1
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 1

Step 1. Bring a sweater

Temperatures in airports and planes can be quite cold, and temperatures can change and vary. Therefore, bring warm clothes.

  • Even if you're in a warm climate, bring a zip sweater or a regular cardigan. You can also bring trendy knitwear. It's a good idea to choose dark color clothing because it can hide a spill, in case it happens at the airport.
  • If you're traveling in winter, it's a good idea to bring a flower jacket if you have one, as it won't wrinkle if you have to store it in a storage container on the ceiling of the plane.
  • To be practical, start removing layered items, such as sweaters, before passing through the metal detector. Light jackets can also be used.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 2
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 2

Step 2. Put on a bra without metal

Of course, depending on the type, some bras can set off a metal detector alarm. This can waste your time.

  • This step also helps you avoid body checks. This is not only embarrassing, but also slows you down.
  • Instead, try wearing a bra without metal. A simple bra is also suitable to wear to the airport.
  • If you like underwire bras, just pack them in your suitcase instead of wearing them to the airport. Underwire bras can also be uncomfortable during long trips.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 3
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 3

Step 3. Wear comfortable bottoms

It's a good idea to be as comfortable as possible at the airport (don't wear stiletto heels!), but that doesn't mean you can't look fashionable. Victoria Beckham once said that the airport is her catwalk.

  • Many people wear sweatpants or track suits at the airport because they feel comfortable. If you don't like it, try wearing pretty leggings. Mix and match with a long-sleeved sweater, hooded jacket, or long top.
  • You can beautify your simple look by carrying a beautiful and striking tote bag. Celebrities tend to often wear sunglasses and hats at the airport. Try to get the most comfortable and fashionable look.
  • You can wear jeans at the airport. However, wear worn-out jeans that don't have a narrow waist.
  • Celebrities always stop at the airport and they are able to look comfortable and stylish. Try wearing relaxed trousers with a blazer like Cate Blanchett. Try jeans with flats and a simple black blouse like the Miranda Kerr model.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 4
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 4

Step 4. Wear loose clothing

A loose-fitting sweater feels great, especially when paired with jeans or leggings. Loose dresses are also suitable to be worn on a plane.

  • A loose-fitting sweater will keep you nice and warm, especially if you have to wait for hours at the airport. If you want to wear a skirt, try choosing a long maxi skirt and don't wear clothes that are too tight and short.
  • Wear a large pashmina scarf with a sweater (or just a t-shirt) and it can double as a blanket on the plane. Another benefit of loose clothing is that it prevents blood clots. Even though they are flammable, synthetic clothing doesn't wrinkle easily, making it perfect for flying.
  • You can wear a printed T-shirt if you are in a warm climate. This shirt is casual and trendy so you can always look fashionable while feeling comfortable. However, don't wear T-shirts with offensive words on them. This can invite trouble at the airport.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 5
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 5

Step 5. Layer the clothes

Often while traveling, the temperature changes between different climates or temperatures. Maybe you'll go somewhere warmer or cooler. Or, maybe the temperature in the plane will change. Prepare everything well.

  • If you layer clothes on your body, you don't need to pack a lot. You can take off one layer (such as a sweater) and only put on the tank top after being in a warm area (or vice versa). It's a good idea to dress for cold climates if you're traveling between places with different temperatures.
  • Wear a Pashmina, shawl, scarf or wrap that can be turned into a pillow so you can sleep more easily on the plane, if needed.
  • Be prepared as airport temperatures can sometimes be chilly when it's hot outside. You should also wear clothes made of breathable (air flow smoothly) such as silk or cotton. You'll feel cleaner and fresher for longer.

Part 2 of 3: Wearing the Right Accessories

Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 6
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 6

Step 1. Try not to wear a belt

Wearing a belt to the airport is very inconvenient. To save time, it's best to keep the belt in your suitcase or at home.

  • At the security check, you may be asked to remove the belt you are wearing. This means that the time it takes to go through the metal detector increases, making people in line at the back wait longer. However, if you are a TSA PRE CHECK member, the belt does not need to be removed depending on the airport visited.
  • A key point to remember when dressing for the airport is the importance of convenience. Think of ways to make your experience easier.
  • Make sure you choose pants that won't fall off even if you don't wear a belt!
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 7
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 7

Step 2. Avoid wearing a lot of makeup

You'll have a hard time wearing a number of pieces of jewelry to the airport, or accessories that are difficult to remove, such as mini earrings with small clasps.

  • At a security check, you will need to remove almost all jewelry. Piercings can set off a metal detector alarm and slow you down.
  • In addition, wearing a lot of jewelry makes you vulnerable to theft. It's not a good idea to show off your wealth at the airport.
  • You can store your jewelry in a pocket in your bag, and put it back on after landing and leaving the airport.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 8
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 8

Step 3. Simplify your beauty routine

Heavy makeup and fancy hairdos only look good on a plane, and not after hours of flying. Prioritize simple makeup!

  • Your skin will feel dehydrated after the flight so prepare a small bottle of moisturizer and chapstick. We recommend choosing a ponytail hairstyle!
  • Leave the big bottled beauty products behind. Maybe if you like to use your own shampoo, or you carry an expensive saline solution, sunscreen, or face lotion.
  • Know the rules. You are only allowed to bring 90 ml bottles through security check. Follow the rules to smooth the journey.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 9
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 9

Step 4. Bring a big wallet

This wallet can be very useful at the airport. For example, if you have to store purchased items, such as reading or chewing gum.

  • Plus, a pretty large purse can enhance the look of a simple outfit and allow you to look great at the airport while still feeling comfortable.
  • A large purse can double as a tote bag. Some women like to bring a comb and makeup to wear on the plane so they can freshen up their appearance before landing.
  • Wallets that are too small are also easy to lose. Large wallets are always more useful to bring to the airport. Pocketed clothes are also very useful.

Part 3 of 3: Choosing the Right Footwear

Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 10
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 10

Step 1. Wear comfortable shoes

You will regret wearing high heels to the airport. It's even worse if you have to run because you're late.

  • Keep high heels in the suitcase. Even though it's pretty, you'll have to walk a long way so high heels will only make things difficult, especially if you're going in transit.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable flat shoes that are easy to remove from the feet. Thus, the shoes are easily removed during security checks. However, wearing heavy shoes will reduce the load and increase luggage space.
  • It's also a good idea to avoid wearing boots and sandals with laces, buckles, zippers, or the like as they are very difficult to remove and put back on. Stay away from narrow shoes as your feet will swell during the flight. For children under 13 years old, please wear any shoes as long as they are not metallic. This is because passengers under the age of 13 do not need to take off their shoes at security checks. In addition, PreCheck passengers also do not take off their shoes as long as they are not metallic so they can wear any model.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 11
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 11

Step 2. Put on socks

You may find flip-flops comfortable, but these shoes don't support your feet well. Worse yet, flip-flops can be a breeding ground for germs.

  • Look at the people in line in front of you. Are you sure you want to go through the checkpoints barefoot? You will be asked to take off your shoes, but passengers under 13 years old, PreCheck, or over 75 years old do not need to take off their shoes.
  • Wear socks to protect your feet. Feet will also feel warm if the air conditioner makes the airport or plane feel a bit cold.
  • The socks will dampen the feet when walking at the airport. The airport is a huge place, and you may need to walk from end to end or be forced to take a tram.
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 12
Dress for the Airport (for Women) Step 12

Step 3. Put on compression socks or leg wear

Your feet may develop blood clots when flying and suffer from cramps. There are some garments that are specially designed to prevent this.

  • Support your pregnancy. If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before flying. However, some doctors will advise you to wear special clothing when flying. Some pregnant women wear compression socks or leg wear while on the plane. These clothes will stop swelling of the legs because it increases blood flow.
  • You can usually find these clothes at pharmacies or travel supply stores on the internet. Stay away from super-tight clothes, t-shirts, feet, nylons, or even skinny (tight) jeans.
  • Some people who already have other medical conditions should also wear a garment. The same is true for frequent travelers on planes. This helps avoid a condition called deep vein thrombosis.


  • Sitting for very long periods of time while flying can cause blood to collect in the legs, causing them to swell. Therefore, you should wear sandals or oversized shoes during the flight.
  • If you wear nice clothes, there's a good chance that you can get a seat upgrade.
  • It's a good idea to research the dress culture of the people of your destination.


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