3 Ways to Get a Girl's Phone Number

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3 Ways to Get a Girl's Phone Number
3 Ways to Get a Girl's Phone Number

If you meet a girl you really like, it's normal to want to spend more time with her. The easiest way to reunite with him and get to know him better is to get his phone number. When you are in this difficult situation, you may feel tense and lack self-confidence. But don't worry - if you want to get a girl's phone number, all you have to do is follow these easy steps.


Method 1 of 3: Make Friends First

Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 1
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 1

Step 1. Relax and don't rush

First of all, you should relax before approaching the girl. While you'll want to get the phone number as soon as you see it, you'll fail if you don't calm down beforehand. He will be able to sense your tension, even from a distance, and if you are tense, he will either feel the same way or you will scare him.

  • However, it's normal for you to feel tense with fear or embarrassment, the girl may wonder, "What's with this guy?" He may sense something strange from you even if you're just feeling nervous.
  • Calm yourself by considering the worst. The worst thing that can happen is this: You ask for his phone number, but he won't give it. Can you get through it? Possible.
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 2
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 2

Step 2. Meet the girl

Once you've calmed down, it's time to approach your sweetie and show your charisma. Maintain eye contact, smile, and show him that you are a nice guy. If you want to keep him talking, you need to make a good first impression as quickly as possible. Here's how to do it:

  • Be confident. Show him that you are comfortable with who you are, that you enjoy what you do, and that you enjoy meeting new people. If he sees that you feel good about yourself, he will feel the same way about you. Chances are, he'll be happy when he finds out that you're attracted to him.
  • Pay attention to him. This doesn't mean staring deeply into his eyes horribly. That means your body should turn to him, pocket your phone, and make sure he's aware that you care about everything he has to say.
  • Make him laugh. The easiest way to get him to like you is to attract him with your antics.
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 3
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 3

Step 3. Deepen the conversation

Once you've worked out the basics, like names and origins, you'd better start dealing in more depth. This doesn't mean that you're asking about his life philosophy or the most meaningful things from his childhood, but rather that you're talking about more than just introductions. Here's how to do it:

  • Ask him questions about himself. Don't interview him. Just ask about his siblings, about movies he's seen, or what he thinks about his work. Let him see that you care about his opinion.
  • Be open. Make sure your speaking portion is the same as it is. Don't pressure it by asking lots of questions without saying anything about yourself, but don't let yourself dominate the conversation either.
  • Tease him. Once you've built a good relationship, start teasing him a little in a playful tone. If she's wearing a gold necklace that's clearly just plain jewelry, hold it up and ask, "Is this real gold?"
  • Praise him. Don't say she's the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. Just tell him that his laugh is interesting or his eyes are beautiful. Do not exaggerate! Stay relaxed.
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 4
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 4

Step 4. Get him to like you

Once you've gotten past the introduction stage and have managed to charm him, it's time to get him to like you so he can spend time with you again. There's no need to make her think that you're the man she's been waiting for all her life; the important thing is he can think, “Hey, this guy is cool too. I want more of this.” Here's how to get him to want to see you again:

  • Make smart jokes. Show him that you like to tease him and be teased back, and keep the conversation sharp. If he says something funny, answer it with a funny joke instead of just laughing and saying, "That's funny." By doing this, you are showing that you will be able to talk to him again if you see him again.
  • Say something a little more personal. Don't say something too personal that makes her uncomfortable, but say something that can melt her heart a little and show that you have a soft side, not just cute.
  • Let it open to you. Get a little closer and ask him to tell you something about himself that no one else knows. Start building strong connections.
  • Bring back something that was previously discussed. Girls “love” this thing if you do it right. If a conversation that was previously discussed is brought up again, you can impress him by showing that you remember everything he said.
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 5
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 5

Step 5. Ask for his phone number at the top of the conversation

Don't procrastinate too much, otherwise you'll lose it. The best time is when you have the most pleasant conversation with the girl, or when you laugh out loud. When you're at the point where you feel, "I enjoyed talking to this girl so much that I didn't want to spoil her by asking for her number," you should ask her right away. Here are the two best ways to do it:

  • Ask him out. Instead of asking for her number, ask her out on a date. In the middle of a conversation, just ask, “I have to go, but I'd really like to continue this conversation over dinner or drinks next week. Are you interested?” If he wants - at this point, he should - just ask him for his number to get in touch.
  • Ask for the phone number directly. Ask when your conversation is going well, say, “Hey, I really enjoyed talking to you. Would you mind giving us your phone number so we can keep in touch?” Make sure that you ask for her number because you want to get back to spending time together, not because you want to send some scary text messages or because you want to get the girls' numbers.
  • Be appropriate. When he gives you his number, don't cheer and punch the air saying, "Yes!" Just say, “Okay, thanks,” and tell him you'll be calling him right away. Then, say goodbye and leave with your head held high. And if he refuses, just ignore it and say it's okay - it's good you got to meet him anyway.

Method 2 of 3: Two Minute Introduction

Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 6
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 6

Step 1. Find your girl

If you find a very pretty girl or a girl who looks cute or charming, and you want to get to know her better, it's okay to ask her for her number right away. Do this in two minutes, you have to make sure every second is put to good use. First, make sure it's open. Whether alone or with friends, make sure he's not in a serious conversation with other people or looks like he's looking for someone else.

Once you find your perfect girl, wow her with a big smile and strong eye contact

Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 7
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 7

Step 2. Amaze him with your approach

Approach the girl as if you were on a mission. After all, this was indeed a mission. Face him and introduce yourself. Ask her name. Whatever the name, say that the name is beautiful.

  • Make him laugh.
  • Say that you're not usually that sassy, but that once you see her, you know that you have to get to know her.
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 8
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 8

Step 3. Ask for the phone number

Tell him that you really have to go, but that you'll regret it if you at least try to get his number so you can get to know him better in the future. Say, “I wish I could get to know you now and prove that I'm a good guy, sadly I have to go. May I have your number so we can continue later?”

  • If he gives you his number, thank him and say that you're happy to meet him. Then leave quickly as if you were really busy.
  • If he refuses, laugh and say, "At least I tried!" After all, you just took a risk. Proud to have tried.

Method 3 of 3: Things Not to Do

Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 9
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 9

Step 1. Don't ask too soon

While a two-minute introduction can sometimes be effective, even a ten-minute introduction won't necessarily captivate any girl no matter how surfing you are. Make good use of your time introducing yourself to the girl, asking her name, and letting her see you as the cool guy she wants to meet again.

  • Don't just walk up to a girl and say, “Hey, I want to spend some time with you later. May I have your phone number?"
  • Don't ask for the phone number without giving your name.
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 10
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 10

Step 2. Don't ask if your conversation isn't smooth

If you feel like your conversation isn't going well, or if the girl keeps looking around the room, checking her phone, or trying to make eye contact with her friends to save her from you, you're missing out on your chance, sorry. Try again another time!

  • If both you and the girl are trying to find something to talk about, don't ask for her number. Why would he give it to you - to sit back together in awkward silence?
  • If he says goodbye and walks away from you, don't ask for his number. If he wants you to ask him, he won't leave.
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 11
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 11

Step 3. Don't ask your friends to ask for it

This method is very stupid. Unless you're still a junior high school student, you should be a grown man and ask yourself. If you ask your friends for help, you will come across as shy, insecure, and not like a real man.

If a girl thinks you're not confident enough to ask for her number, how is she going to think you can wow her when you spend time together?

Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 12
Get a Girl's Phone Number Step 12

Step 4. Don't trick her to get her phone number

Some people might think it's a good idea if you walk up to a girl and say, "Oh, I can't find my phone, do you mind if I call her on yours?" Then, the girl will give you her number and you will find your cell phone in your pocket. He'll know exactly what you're up to and think you're a sucker, unless you can change the situation gently and laugh and say, "You never thought I'd get your number." You may get points for your ingenuity in this, but chances are high that the girl will think you're too cowardly to ask for her number in the usual way. There are better ways to get it.


  • Find out what he likes so you have material for a written message.
  • One method that usually works is to first provide your phone number. If you use an excuse like, “I have to go in a bit. This is my number if you want to call or text me,” wait for his turn to give you his number.
  • When she is with a man, it is usually her lover or husband. Although not always, be careful. Use your brain, watch how they interact and decide what you should do.
  • Always check the wedding ring first. It would be embarrassing if you asked a married woman to spend time with you.
  • Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with a girl if she's alone or with someone else, even with a guy friend. If you walk up to him and say something and start a conversation, he will introduce you.
  • Girls who don't want to play around are usually happy when you ask them directly. You can ask for the phone number directly.
  • Don't be discouraged if your plans don't work. The more times you try to ask a girl's number, the more likely you are to get a positive answer.
  • Try asking in a direct manner. Just ask!

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