4 Ways to Do a Morning Routine

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4 Ways to Do a Morning Routine
4 Ways to Do a Morning Routine

One way to start daily activities is to run a morning routine. If you often have to rush or are very busy in the morning, start a routine so that you feel calmer and more comfortable throughout the day. Many of us find it difficult or unfamiliar with implementing an activity schedule, but anyone can learn and get used to running the morning routine as a daily habit.


Method 1 of 4: Establishing a Routine

Get Into a Morning Routine Step 1
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 1

Step 1. Start by jotting down all the things you have to do in the morning

That way, you can estimate how much time it will take to do all the morning activities and then make a schedule.

  • Make a list of all the important activities that you need to prioritize, for example: taking a shower, having breakfast, waking other people up, preparing lunch, packing your bags, etc.
  • Add other activities if needed, for example: reading email or newspaper, feeding pets, washing dishes, doing laundry, tidying the bedroom, etc.
  • Get to know your habits and schedule accordingly. Consider whether you're used to being relaxed in the morning (requires more time) or fast paced (doing a lot of activities in a short amount of time).
  • For the best possible schedule, cross out less useful activities whenever possible.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 2
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 2

Step 2. Do a trial by doing morning activities according to the draft schedule

Before actually implementing the morning routine schedule, do a test a few weeks in advance. Make a plan to get started. (Adapt the following sample schedule to the activities you must do each morning.)

  • 5.00–5.30: get up early, make bed, take a shower in the morning.
  • 5.30–6.00: wake the children or others, make sure they are awake, prepare breakfast, prepare lunch for the children.
  • 6.00–6.30: breakfast while the children shower and get ready for school.
  • 6.30–7.00: take the children to school or to the bus stop.
  • 7.00–8.00: continue the journey to the office.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 3
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 3

Step 3. Create a sleep schedule

One important aspect of establishing a morning routine is sticking to a bedtime schedule and getting up early.

  • Determine how many hours you should sleep.
  • Set aside enough time in the morning so you don't have to rush into getting ready.
  • Follow this sleep schedule every day (including weekends) to get used to it.
  • Do not sleep while listening to music or other sounds (TV, radio, etc.) as this will reduce the quality of sleep.
  • Keep electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime because the light has a negative effect on sleep quality. In addition, electronic devices will stimulate the brain so it is difficult to calm.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 4
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 4

Step 4. Apply the routine schedule gradually

Maybe you need a transition period to change your unscheduled activity habits into a scheduled routine. Work your way into the morning routine gradually over several weeks until you get used to it.

  • Start with a regular schedule for a few days of the week and then gradually increase the days until you can do it every day including weekends.
  • Pay attention to useful and unnecessary activities and adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • See if there are distractions or obstacles that get in the way of your routine and work to overcome them.

Method 2 of 4: Making a Schedule for Tomorrow

Get Into a Morning Routine Step 5
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 5

Step 1. Determine the activity you will do tomorrow morning and what the goal is

Imagine what activities you have to do tomorrow morning to prepare mentally. In addition, you also know what activities will take up a lot of time so you can do them the night before.

  • Record appointments or meeting schedules in your agenda book, cell phone, or other device.
  • Also write down other important schedules, for example: picking up children at school or important tasks that must be done.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 6
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 6

Step 2. Complete the tasks that will take up a lot of time in the morning before going to bed at night

If all this time your morning routine is very time-consuming, first complete the tasks that you can do before going to bed at night. Thus, you are not in a hurry and are free from stress in the morning.

  • Choose the clothes and shoes you want to wear tomorrow morning.
  • Fill the kettle or set a coffee brewer alarm.
  • Cook and prepare the food to be brought.
  • Put all the things you usually carry in your bag.
  • Keep your car keys, bus tickets, or anything else you need so you can get to your destination.
  • Prepare toiletries in the bathroom.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 7
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 7

Step 3. Create an exercise schedule

For people who have difficulty exercising regularly, make an exercise plan one day in advance. You are likely to be more diligent in exercising if this activity has become part of your daily routine.

  • Determine the hours, duration, and place of practice.
  • Contact friends who will be training together to confirm a training schedule.
  • Prepare exercise equipment in the bag one day in advance.

Method 3 of 4: Wake Up with a Refreshed Body and Mind

Get Into a Morning Routine Step 8
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 8

Step 1. Determine the best way to wake up

Everyone has a different habit of getting up in the morning. There are people who prefer to wake up in the morning calmly, while others go straight to activities while listening to music or turning on the TV. Morning routines are more fun and easier if you do them the way you like best.

  • Set a timer so that your electronic device (music player or TV) goes off when you need to get up in the morning.
  • Save electronic devices so you are not interested in using them when you wake up in the morning.
  • Leave the bedroom as soon as you wake up so you don't want to go back to sleep.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 9
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 9

Step 2. Get moving or go straight to exercise

In addition to making you move, this method is also good for maintaining health.

  • Immediately make the bed.
  • Complete tasks that weren't done the night before, such as storing cutlery or folding washed clothes.
  • Stretch for a few minutes to get your body ready for activity.
  • Do some gymnastic movements, such as star jumping or push ups.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 10
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 10

Step 3. Meditate or be alone for a few minutes

Take time to calm your mind and plan activities that you will do throughout the day, especially if your schedule is very hectic and stressful.

  • Find a quiet place to be alone for a while. Choose a place where there are no other people, pets, and the sound of electronic devices.
  • Make sure nothing is distracting as long as you give yourself some time.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 11
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 11

Step 4. Eat breakfast

We've all heard the message that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's true! Our bodies and brains need calorie intake after fasting 8-12 hours.

  • Plan your breakfast menu the night before to make it easier to prepare in the morning.
  • Drink one glass of water before eating breakfast because water has many health benefits.
  • Choose healthy foods and drinks that are nutritious and provide the best source of energy throughout the day, for example: fruits, low-fat dairy products, protein (eggs, fat-free meats, soy), and whole grains.

Method 4 of 4: Running or Fixing a Morning Routine

Get Into a Morning Routine Step 12
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 12

Step 1. Reconsider your schedule if it's hard to follow

Even the most disciplined of people sometimes have a hard time sticking to a routine. Try to find out why you haven't done your daily routine as scheduled and then correct it.

  • Pay attention to the obstacles and distractions that often get in the way of your daily routine.
  • Know what happens if you don't stick to a routine (frustrated, late) to get motivated.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 13
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 13

Step 2. Establish a fun daily routine

Find ways to maintain motivation to make it easier for you to stick to your routine.

  • Prepare breakfast by making your favorite drinks and special menus on certain days, such as high quality coffee or making your favorite fruit juice.
  • Set aside a special time to cool off and be alone if this is your favorite activity in the morning.
  • Read motivational messages to get you more excited about progress.
  • Think about the benefits of the routine and the pleasure you will experience from doing it.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 14
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 14

Step 3. Cope with loss

Maybe you feel lost because you don't have time to do fun things while running your morning routine. Try to be aware of this and find solutions so that the loss doesn't affect motivation.

  • Get into the habit of going to bed early at night if you feel tired easily due to lack of sleep.
  • Try to make time to be with people who feel neglected because you have to go through your morning routine.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 15
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 15

Step 4. Record the execution of the routine schedule

You can take notes in a book or use electronic devices as visual documentation to keep you motivated to stick to your schedule.

  • Take notes from when you started the activity so you can see the progress.
  • Keep a journal to record your activities every day, every week, and every month.
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 16
Get Into a Morning Routine Step 16

Step 5. Find friends who are willing to help

Ask for support from a friend who also wants to implement a regular schedule or someone who is used to sticking to a schedule and is able to run a routine well.

  • Ask them for suggestions so that you too can get into a good routine.
  • Invite friends (who want to do the routine) meet to discuss progress and encourage each other.


  • Even if it's difficult, stick to the routine with discipline from the start because you'll get used to it after a month.
  • Don't beat yourself up if you don't do activities that aren't on schedule.
  • Reward yourself for your success.
  • If you are on vacation, do your morning routine again for the past week to make it easier to adjust.
  • Do stretches every morning to flex your body. Don't forget to warm up before practicing stretching.
  • Drink one glass of water when you wake up in the morning so that your body is fresher and launches metabolism.
  • Get used to walking and breathing fresh air outside every morning because our bodies need fresh air after sleeping all night.

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