How Women Pee While Standing: 7 Steps

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How Women Pee While Standing: 7 Steps
How Women Pee While Standing: 7 Steps

If forced to use a very dirty toilet, squat toilet, or when there is no toilet at all, women may feel the injustice associated with their physical condition. However, it is actually possible for women to pee standing up if they want to practice a little. Try one of the methods below so you can urinate while standing.


Part 1 of 2: Getting Ready

Deal with Periods if You Are Blind or Visually Impaired Step 2
Deal with Periods if You Are Blind or Visually Impaired Step 2

Step 1. Get to know your anatomy

Maybe you haven't really thought much about how your lower body works, so it doesn't hurt to research some basic female anatomy by looking at a diagram or observing your body using a handheld mirror.

  • Locate the urinary tract. The urinary tract is a tube that connects the bladder to the outside. Urine flows through a tube that has a length of 4 cm and is expelled through a small opening behind the clitoris, just in front of the vagina.
  • Locate the labia. The labia majora are two circular folds of outer tissue that are on either side of the urinary tract and vaginal opening. The labia minora are the two inner skin folds that are enclosed within the labia majora.

    • Urinary tract hole is small, just a small gap. So don't worry if it takes you a minute or two to find it through the mirror.
    • You should touch the anatomical parts of your body and feel. When you first learn to pee standing up, you should use your fingers to open the labia minora to open the urinary opening so you can better control the flow of urine.
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 2
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 2

Step 2. Always keep it clean

If you know you're going to a place that doesn't have a toilet or that the toilets are disgusting, bring a few things with you that can help keep you clean.

  • Hand sanitizer. You should wash your hands first before urinating while standing. You will be touching the genital area, so you must prevent germs on your hands from causing urinary tract infections. Because the urinary tract in women has a short size, germs can move to the bladder easily. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer to protect yourself.
  • Wet wipes. Bring a pack of wet wipes to clean your hands when you're done urinating. In some methods to urinate while standing, your fingers will get wet.
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 3
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 3

Step 3. Make sure you can do it safely

Maybe you have to pee standing up while camping or when the women's restroom is overcrowded and the men's restroom is empty. Before starting, make sure you get some privacy. If someone catches you while you're peeing, things will fall apart, and it may be embarrassing for you, the person who caught you, or both.

Part 2 of 2: Trying Several Different Methods

Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 4
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 4

Step 1. Two Finger Method for Beginners

When you first learn to pee standing up, make the process easy. You'll get better with practice but for now, follow this introduction method so you can practice it at home.

  • Wash your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water and then dry them.
  • Remove everything that sticks from the waist down. Since you're still a beginner, your urine will likely splatter everywhere. So that urine does not get on skirts, pants, underwear or shoes, remove everything. If your top is too long to hang down, maybe you should take it off too.
  • Position yourself in front of the toilet or in the bathroom. Stand with your feet about 0.6 m wide apart. Open the labia as wide as possible using the fingers of both hands. Place your fingers slightly in front of the urinary tract. Pull your fingers up and slightly forward while applying equal pressure on both sides.
  • Start emitting your urine. Rotate your hips so that you have some control over the direction of the stream of urine. Push hard at the start of urinating and push back to finish urinating. This action can reduce the "dropping" of urine.
  • Clean yourself and wipe up any splashes of urine that come into the toilet area or rinse the bathroom thoroughly. Wash your hands again until they are clean.

    • Don't be discouraged if your urine hits one of your feet or gets splattered all over the place. This is normal for beginners. The key is to practice often. Your abilities will improve greatly if you practice often.
    • Do a little experiment with changing body position. You may need to bend your knees or arch your back a little. You should try a few different positions, as a position that is comfortable for one person may not be suitable for another.
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 5
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 5

Step 2. One Hand Method for Experienced Women

  • Wash your hands.
  • Take off your clothes. Take off your underwear, skirt or pants.
  • Hold toilet paper or cleaning cloth with one hand. Use these wipes to clean up urine that gets where you don't want it.
  • With your other hand, make a "V" with your first and second fingers and use those fingers to open the inside of the labia minora, pulling upwards. You have to open these inner labia so that the urine flows forward and doesn't run down towards your feet. By adjusting the amount of pull up, as well as the position of your hips, you can control which direction your urine flows (although this takes a little practice).
  • Clean yourself and wipe urine splashes around the toilet area if you do this at home. Wash your hands again until they are clean.

    If you have practiced a lot and are confident that you can direct the stream of urine, you can use this one-handed method without having to take off all your clothes. You can lower your pants down a bit, but if you have a long zipper, you may be able to unzip it without having to lower your pants. Lift your skirt with your unused hand. Use your hands in a "V" shape to lower the underwear down to your crotch

Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 6
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 6

Step 3. Funnel method

Use a female urinary device (FUD) or a standing urination device (STP). Women's urinals have been used for almost 100 years, and over time, their designs have advanced more and more. These devices are manufactured in reusable models and single-use models which can be purchased at pharmaceutical product websites.

  • Wash your hands.
  • Position the clothes so they don't get splashed with urine. You can simply open your pants and lower the front of your panties or push them to one side.
  • Place the device in its place. If the device is made of plastic or other rigid material, place your hands on either side of the device. If the device is made of silicone or other flexible material, extend your thumb and middle finger to hold the device from front to back. Stick it tightly to your body so that there are no gaps that make urine spurt. Route the outlet pipe away from your body and pants.
  • Direct your urine stream. You can do this using your third finger by forming a triangle to stabilize the stream of urine. Slide your hips, then bend your legs and/or arch your back to find a comfortable position to control the flow of your urine. Direct the urine to the right place, into the toilet or away from your feet.
  • When finished, disconnect the device. If toilet paper is not available, use this device to clean any remaining urine droplets. Shake and rinse with water whenever possible.

    • Even if you find this easier than the finger method, you should still practice to avoid dripping and splashing urine. Practice using the FUD a few times at home until you are comfortable with it.
    • Some reusable devices are packaged in reusable bags or plastic bags. But some other products do not provide it. If your device does not come with a plastic bag, bring your own plastic bag to store your device before and after use.
    • You can make your own kit out of a plastic bottle in an emergency. Cut the bottom of the bottle with scissors or a knife. Remove the bottle cap and wash the top of the bottle thoroughly. Place the hole at the top of the bottle into your urinary tract. Make sure the urinary tract is appropriate above the bottle hole so that urine does not spill and wet all over the place. Point the bottom of the open bottle away from your body and emit urine loudly but not too vigorously.
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 7
Urinate Standing Up as a Female Step 7

Step 4. Floating Method

If you have strong legs and you are able to squat for a few seconds, then you can urinate using the floating or squatting method.

  • Fold the toilet seat up. This will give you a wider "target" so that the toilet seat doesn't splash with urine so that it can be used by the next toilet user. Of course, you don't have to worry about splashing urine if you use this method because the toilet is dirty. On the other hand, if you're not used to this method and are afraid of slipping, just leave the toilet seat in place to hold you up should this happen.
  • Bend your knees and lower your body back so that you are "sitting" at a nearly 90-degree angle. If you can't squat at a nearly 90-degree angle and only "tilt" back slightly, chances are your urine will be all over the toilet seat and possibly your pants and shoes. Find balance by placing your arms on your knees or placing one hand on the wall to keep your body in a firm position. Bring your buttocks as close to the toilet as possible without touching the surface.
  • Place the urine outlet as far back as possible. Because the urine will be gushing forward, you will avoid splashing or spraying urine that is too strong.
  • Keep your head straight. Focus on the point that is right in front of you. You can lose your balance if you look down at your feet.
  • When you're done, clean yourself up and wash your hands whenever possible. If you leave the toilet seat closed, check it briefly to see if anything is wrong. If necessary, clean the toilet seat with toilet paper for the next user.


  • Peeing while standing can make your urine spread all over the place. Don't try it for the first time at a friend's house if you don't want your friendship to fall apart.
  • Practice it at home first before you try it anywhere else, unless you're camping, hiking, etc.
  • Don't forget that even if you use a public toilet only to urinate, other women may need to use it to defecate or sit on the toilet for other reasons. Be a responsible person and fold the toilet seat. And when your urine spreads elsewhere, clean up after you do. After all, this is what women expect of a decent man. Also clean the toilet seat.
  • Remember, you need time to master it. Don't be discouraged when you fail the first time.
  • Try it at home first and if your urine spreads and gets on anything, clean the urine

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