3 Ways to Be an Awesome Person

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3 Ways to Be an Awesome Person
3 Ways to Be an Awesome Person

Being an admirable person, literally means bringing admiration. Admiration is not something people express at this point in time. So to become a truly awesome person, you have to find a way to elicit this very rare reaction. There are many ways to be an awesome person, so don't assume what you're reading is the only way to be an awesome person. Being awesome all the time is always being redefined. You might be the one to help redefine it.


Method 1 of 3: Using Talent to Generate Admiration

Be Awesome Step 01
Be Awesome Step 01

Step 1. Develop a talent

Whatever your talent is, develop it. People who are “amazing” at something they do invest a lot of time in their talents. Who said being awesome was easy?

  • Some theories suggest that it takes 10,000 hours of practice before you really master something. That's a lot of hours. It is possible to have amazing talent even before doing 1000 hours of practice. But the truly extraordinary and admirable people like Bill Gates, Mozart, Kobe Bryant, spend a lot of time preparing to be amazing people.
  • While practicing your talents, find ways to motivate yourself. Break your goal down into smaller parts. Reward yourself by giving yourself some free time, a snack, or playing a new video game after you've accomplished what you wanted.
Be Awesome Step 02
Be Awesome Step 02

Step 2. Show your talent

You can be the world's greatest dancer or writer, but you won't impress people if they don't see your talent. The definition of being awesome is putting yourself out there in the outside world, no matter how scary it may seem.

  • Start small. It is rare for people to start developing talent and find success so quickly. Talent takes time to develop. So, start small. Strive for great success.
  • At the same time, think about the “biggest stage” your talent can display. Magicians want to perform in auditoriums in Vegas. The singer wants to have a number 1 single on the Billboard charts. Football players want to win the World Cup. Don't be afraid to dream big when honing your talents. The dream is part of what keeps you going.
Be Awesome Step 03
Be Awesome Step 03

Step 3. Ask for input

Getting advice on what you can do with your talents to improve is really important, whether it's advice from a coach, parent, or judge. The famous poet once said, “No man is an island. (No human is like a desert island)”. What John Donne means by that expression is that you need to rely on other people to help you. You can't do everything yourself.

Always ask people who are experts in the fields related to your talents about how to get better. Your desire to be amazing is directly related to your willingness to develop your talents to the best of your ability. Ask other magicians for help, ask other actors for acting techniques, or take basketball lessons to develop your talent

Be Awesome Step 04
Be Awesome Step 04

Step 4. Find a mentor

A mentor is someone who is experienced in your field and willing to give you the advice and direction you want to develop talent. Having a mentor means a lot to people who want to be amazing because of their talent. A mentor will help cultivate input, seize new opportunities to showcase talent, and connect with other people who may be able to help.

  • Find someone else who can be a mentor. You could say something as simple as “I was hoping to get advice from the best flute player in the world on how to play Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 2. I really appreciate any help!”
  • Show respect for your mentor. You may think that your mentor's advice isn't quite right, but act on it before it's too late. There is a reason why he is an expert and you are not. Appreciate them by taking their advice very seriously.
Be Awesome Step 05
Be Awesome Step 05

Step 5. Learn from failure

There is a tendency when developing a talent, you will often fail. If you don't fail, you're not human. Many people give up when they fail. If you want to be an awesome person, what you have to do is find the right support, get rid of those failures, learn from your mistakes, and not allow yourself to be discouraged.

Get rid of your ego. Not only will this help you to get rid of failures more easily, it will also help you develop a selfless and humble attitude. Maybe you don't know, many people think that people who show greatness but can still be humble are "very amazing people"

Method 2 of 3: Using Personality to Generate Admiration

Be Awesome Step 06
Be Awesome Step 06

Step 1. Be witty

Everyone, except the heartless cynics, likes someone who can make them smile and laugh. That's why being witty is an important part of using your personality to become an awesome person. The good and the bad thing about comedy is that there's no one right way to do it. This means that you can develop your witty nature by being candid. It also means that there are no precise “how to” guidelines for being funny.

  • Play with words wittily. Pun (wordplay using two words that sound the same but have different meanings/sort of a pun) and wordplay are good ways to be funny and awesome because we use words all the time. Consider the following examples of good wordplay:
    • "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." - Oscar Wilde. (Some people will bring happiness wherever they are; some people will give happiness when they are not around. Meaning: pleasant people will always give happiness to those around them. While people who don't like will give happiness when they are not in their environment.)
    • "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses." - Dorothy Parker. (Men rarely pay attention to women who wear glasses. That is to say: women who wear glasses seem old-fashioned and weird, so they don't attract men's attention)
  • Use physical comedy to provoke laughter. Physical comedy, for example, impressing others, learning how to imitate, or slapstick comedy. Pick one, experiment with it, and try to incorporate it into your humor routine.
  • Tell good stories. We think of people who can tell good comedy stories as witty people because we love stories. Stories make us feel human, and so does someone who can tell a good story that can please others. Learn the basics of storytelling so that you feel even more awesome than you are now.
Be Awesome Step 07
Be Awesome Step 07

Step 2. Dare to take risks

Taking risks means turning everyday opportunities into ways to find adventure. Remember, you don't have to be Indiana Jones to be adventurous. You just need to occasionally look for new alternatives.

  • Take a trip to a new and interesting place. Traveling doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money or spend a lot of time. Try going to nearby places you've never been. You'll learn about new places, have new successes, and will get the chance to convince the locals how awesome you are.
  • Learn the unexpected. Dare to take risks can also mean going on a mind trip. It sounds ridiculous, but it really happened. The most amazing people in the world travel to places that are new, interesting, and deep in their minds too spontaneously.
  • Don't be afraid to separate yourself from the environment if that's something you want. Sometimes, an amazing person will take risks by following his heart and doing what he wants, not following other people's advice. Be a person who takes risks by doing what you want to do, not what other people want.
Be Awesome Step 08
Be Awesome Step 08

Step 3. Show your awesome side

The most admirable people don't even realize their awesome side. They are just like that and don't think much of it. The awesome side has to come from within you. You can never force it out.

Try not to focus on thinking about how to "be awesome." Instead, focus on the things that will make you awesome, like developing ways to turn recyclables into bio-diesel or learning how to play a hockey ball on a snowy surface. That way, people will be amazed by your awesome side before they have the chance to question it

Be Awesome Step 09
Be Awesome Step 09

Step 4. Express your awesomeness through style

Develop a style that is completely yours. Don't copy a style you think is trending. Make your own style trends and be confident using them. Never think about what other people will say.

  • Have a characteristic that can make everyone will recognize you as soon as they see you. Use that characteristic, but don't abuse it. Ignore any criticism you get from other people (they may be jealous or scared) and carry your mark with confidence.
  • Sometimes not adhering to any style is more than a statement. Some people really don't care about fashion, clothes or accessories. Many people are comfortable without having style because they are usually preoccupied with other things. If you fall into this category, be comfortable with your flaws in style. Don't criticize other people who spend a lot of time thinking about clothes.
Be Awesome Step 10
Be Awesome Step 10

Step 5. Have a pleasant personality

Realize that your personality speaks more about you as a person than your face or appearance, although both can be important. Be kind, understanding, friendly, giving, and charming (both inside and out). People don't like bad, selfish, unfriendly, and boring personalities.

  • Some of the traits that people generally consider “awesome”:
    • Dedication/loyalty. You are very dedicated to whatever you start and are faithful to failure.
    • Reliable. You are someone who can always be counted on when people need you, whatever the reason.
    • Kind/generous. You are completely willing to make sacrifices if you can afford it and if it means that it will make other people happy.
    • Ambition. Even if your goals are big, you will never step over someone to achieve them.
    • Perspective. You can understand important things; You know that the simple things in life like friends, family, love and health are all too often overlooked.
    • Principle. You know what you believe and you have good reason to hold that belief.

Method 3 of 3: Generating Admiration by Giving

Be Awesome Step 11
Be Awesome Step 11

Step 1. Be a role model for younger children

You can be a role model in many ways. Consider this: if you decide to help children, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. Helping kids just because they want to be seen as awesome is a lot like going on a diet. You want people to like you, not because you want to be healthy.

  • Become a teacher voluntarily. Teach children how to read, how to do basic math, or do practice problems. Be patient and remember that each child's understanding is different!
  • Be a mentor for children. Children need mentors, just like you do. They want reliable information about human relationships, drugs, careers, and life. You can be a source of guidance for the child you like.
  • Take time to get together. If you are happy, positive, responsible, and mature, the children will enjoy hanging out with you. You don't have to do much to look awesome in their eyes. Let them take a little of your time and you'll find that just hanging out can be a lot of fun.
Be Awesome Step 12
Be Awesome Step 12

Step 2. Get involved in politics

How often do we complain about politics? Always. How often do we do things related to politics? Not much. Getting involved in politics is a great way to make a difference in your community by testing your political skills. It was amazing!

If you are young, consider joining a student organization. These organizations may not have the reach of a municipal, state, or federal government, but they are important to the people around you. You will learn a lot about yourself the more you participate

Be Awesome Step 13
Be Awesome Step 13

Step 3. Help others who are less fortunate than you

There is no official responsibility to be generous, but there is a moral responsibility. If you are helped by someone in your life journey or if you believe in that principle, think about returning the favor. Help the less fortunate to find their way.

  • Get involved with the church community where you live. If you are part of a religious community, ask church members how to get involved in charity work. Often churches have programs or information on how ordinary people can help as much as possible.
  • Consider making a microloan. A microloan is a small amount of money (eg Rp. 200,000, 00) that you lend to someone else through a lending institution. People who get loans usually come from very poor countries. They use the money to build hospitals, schools, generators, or to farm. Once they use the loan, your money will come back. This is a great way to make a difference in the world.
  • Do some good. Hold the door for someone trying to get on the bus. Give some of your lunch to the homeless, telling your colleagues that you appreciate their hard work. These small acts of kindness require almost no energy or money to do and can have a big impact.
Be Awesome Step 14
Be Awesome Step 14

Step 4. Get involved in a cause you believe in

What principles do you believe in? Do you believe in animal rights? Get involved with PETA (an organization that fights for animal rights) or similar organizations. Do you believe in tackling global warming? Get involved in environmentally friendly energy solutions activities. Do you believe in financial understanding? Engage in economic guerrilla activities (conducting economic ventures in an unusual way). Being awesome is about showing the world something that gets you moving, whatever the principles.


  • Do what you think. People will appreciate you. Do you have any strange ideas? Make it come true.
  • Remember, some people will say they hate you, but make sure it doesn't affect you, because they'll just be jealous.
  • The awesome side will come from within you. You may not notice it. However, it is within everyone. The awesome side is just waiting for your time to open the door and show it.
  • Becoming an awesome person can come from knowledge. Others will look up to you for your vast knowledge of interesting things.
  • Do not worry. At first people may criticize you but after that they will know your qualities.
  • Find good friends. If your friends don't value you, you may need a new friend.
  • Be awesome because you want to be, not for other people to see. In other words, be awesome because YOU want to, not because you feel like you have to look awesome to other people.
  • Einstein, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Bucky Fuller, and other great people are wonderful people, but not many of the other things listed above. Find one thing you love, do it for real., and you will be an awesome person.
  • Learn how to speak a foreign language. Other people will see a person who can do what they can not do.
  • Be famous. Being very kind to others and taking control is easy. Be a leader, but don't always be in control of those around you.
  • Being awesome means being yourself and being confident. Try doing new things and be creative!


  • Don't give out too many free things to other people, because other people will think you're awesome for giving them things. This is not a true admiration.
  • Don't do stupid things. Being awesome doesn't mean you have to do something dangerous.
  • Don't brag here and there how awesome you are. If you're awesome enough, people will know about it.
  • Don't try to be someone you're not, because when you get compliments from other people, you may lose self-esteem which can make things worse. However, you can start doing new things or change your interests.

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