3 Ways to Look Like a Model

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3 Ways to Look Like a Model
3 Ways to Look Like a Model

The models have stunning attractive looks and self-confidence that makes others notice them. It may seem easy to look cool like the models, but it really takes a lot of time and effort to do this. In order to look like a model, you must maintain a healthy weight, keep your skin, hair, nails, and teeth in perfect condition, and choose trendy clothes and shoes every day. You'll also have to develop your fashion, walk, and charisma if you want to look like a model. Keep reading to learn more.


Method 1 of 3: Developing a Model's Charisma and Dress Style

Look Like a Model Step 1
Look Like a Model Step 1

Step 1. Subscribe to fashion magazines and read from the first page

Magazines like Vogue (or Teen Vogue), Allure, Elle, etc. Very useful for learning new hairstyles, makeup and clothes.

If you want to have the look of a stage model, make sure you subscribe to certain fashion magazines, such as Flaunt, Zink, MUSE, W, NYLON, etc. These magazines are made especially for models, so you can learn some special tips in the modeling world

Look Like a Model Step 2
Look Like a Model Step 2

Step 2. Learn about the world of fashion and its designers

A model should know a lot about fashion, because she makes money wearing clothes by various fashion designers. If you don't know much about fashion, you should learn it. Reading fashion blogs and visiting a designer's website are good examples of ways to delve deeper into the world of fashion.

Look Like a Model Step 3
Look Like a Model Step 3

Step 3. Develop your personal style

Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable expressing yourself without having to say anything. Avoid certain trends if they don't catch your eye and don't wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or lose yourself.

  • Check out fashion magazines for inspiration.
  • Choose clothes that fit your lifestyle.
  • Try developing your own custom look, like a Jackie Kennedy suit. You don't need to wear this look every day, just wear it on special occasions.
Look Like a Model Step 4
Look Like a Model Step 4

Step 4. Wear shoes that match the outfit and the season

Make sure you have a few different shoes to wear each season, especially if the weather in the area where you live can change drastically.

  • If you are a woman:

    • Wear ballet shoes, sandals, and open-toed shoes in the summer.
    • Wear closed-toed shoes, boots, or waterproof shoes in the rainy season.
  • If you are a man:

    • Wear sports shoes, canvas sneakers, or sandals in the summer.
    • Wear waterproof boots or shoes in the rainy season.
Look Like a Model Step 5
Look Like a Model Step 5

Step 5. Go outside and make sure you get noticed

Once you've worked your way up to improving your appearance, make sure you go outside and flaunt it every once in a while. Go out with your friends as often as possible. You can dance in a nightclub, or go out to eat, or do whatever you want. Have fun!

Look Like a Model Step 6
Look Like a Model Step 6

Step 6. Make sure you are confident

Models usually stand tall and walk proudly while showing off the fashion they wear to their clients. Apart from helping you look like a model, good posture is also important for your health, so you look thinner. You will also appear more confident in the eyes of others, which will make you look more like a model.

  • When you are standing, stand straight with your chin slightly extended, chest outstretched, and shoulders leaning back.
  • When sitting, do not bend over. Sit up straight while leaning your back against the bench.
Look Like a Model Step 7
Look Like a Model Step 7

Step 7. Practice your gait

You have to walk like a model, that is, with steady steps. Make sure your posture is very good and that you are walking in a straight line by placing one foot in front of the other in turn. Let your arms swing naturally by your sides and walk with aura.

  • Take long strides and make sure you place one foot in front of the other. Make sure your toes point straight ahead as you walk.
  • Keep your arms at your sides and swing naturally as you walk.
  • Walk as if you have a specific goal. If you walk across a room, choose a location in the room and walk towards it.

Method 2 of 3: Maintaining a Good Model Appearance

Look Like a Model Step 8
Look Like a Model Step 8

Step 1. Develop a good skin care routine and follow it always

Models usually have beautiful glossy skin. To keep your skin looking at its best, you should always take care of it. Make sure your skincare routine includes cleansing and moisturizing your skin in the morning and evening.

  • Use a gentle facial cleanser in the morning and at night.
  • Do not overdo special treatments, such as when using masks and cosmetics that exfoliate dead skin cells, because you can experience skin irritation.
  • Make sure you always wash off your makeup at night. Never sleep with makeup on because the pores on your face can be clogged, causing acne.
  • Visit a dermatologist to find out if you have any skin problems, or consult him or her to deal with stubborn acne, oily skin, etc.
Look Like a Model Step 9
Look Like a Model Step 9

Step 2. Shave hair in unwanted areas

To ensure that your body and face are always photo-ready, take time each day to shave, pluck, trim, and defoliate certain areas.

  • For women, the calves and armpits should be hair-free. Eyelashes should also be cared for properly, and women should not have excessive body or facial hair.
  • Men should keep the hair on their faces trimmed or trimmed neatly. The rest of the body hair is optional for the men, and will depend on each individual's personal preference, or what the client wants from a male model.
Look Like a Model Step 10
Look Like a Model Step 10

Step 3. Always take care of your toenails and hands

Male models should also do this. Don't bite your nails and make sure they're always in their best condition. You don't have to wear nail polish, just make sure your nails always look neat and clean.

  • Get a manicure if possible, once every week or two.
  • Always carry a nail file and hand lotion in your bag so you can easily do quick nail care.
Look Like a Model Step 11
Look Like a Model Step 11

Step 4. Moisturize your skin every day

Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type on the face. You should also get used to using it every day on your body, especially on the calves and arms. Moist skin will glow healthy.

  • Use a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30 if you are going out of the house.
  • Use a facial moisturizer that suits your skin type.
  • Always take the time to moisturize your face before applying makeup. Massage the lotion until it is fully absorbed into the skin.
Look Like a Model Step 12
Look Like a Model Step 12

Step 5. Use minimal makeup that brings out the best features of your face in everyday activities

Choose makeup that matches your eye color and draws attention to the best parts of your face, but don't overdo it. Make sure you show off your natural beauty, not cover it up. Take this into account: if you wear too much make-up when you go to an audition, potential employers may have a hard time imagining your face in a different make-up. You have to look like you're only wearing a little bit of makeup to make your face look versatile/versatile.

  • Choose a light moisturizer or a light foundation.
  • Wear a light brown or black mascara.
  • Put on a moisturizer or transparent lip gloss.
  • Use only a small amount of eyeliner or don't use it at all. If you want to wear it, choose a brown or black one. Draw a thin line on your upper and lower eyelids and blend it well.
  • Choose a sparkling eye shadow. Go for silver if you have fair skin and go for champagne if you have dark skin. Apply a thin layer on both your eyelids.
  • Don't overuse bronzer. Lightly apply bronzer if you want to add color to your skin.
  • You are also not advised to use blush excessively. Choose a cream-type blush to give your cheeks a slight blush.
Look Like a Model Step 13
Look Like a Model Step 13

Step 6. Wear more dramatic makeup on special occasions

If you're planning to attend a special event, go a little extravagant. You can also wear this dramatic make-up at night. Just make sure that your make-up style brings out the best features of your face, without making you look over the top.

  • Try out makeup looks from fashion magazines.
  • Thicken your lips or highlight your eyes, but don't do both at the same time.
Look Like a Model Step 14
Look Like a Model Step 14

Step 7. Take good care of your hair

Trim regularly to get rid of split ends and make sure your hair looks healthy. Use shampoo, conditioner, and hair care products that suit your hair type. Ask your stylist if you don't know which product will suit your hair.

  • Look for inspiration from magazines and talk to your stylist about a style that will look good on your facial structure.
  • Make sure your hair is always clean and well-groomed, and you should visit the salon every two or three months after your hair grows.
  • If you color your hair, make sure the tones are still bright. If the color is starting to dull, consider recoloring it. If you don't want to dye your hair, use a shine serum to add a healthy shine to your hair.

Method 3 of 3: Taking Care of Yourself Like a Model

Look Like a Model Step 15
Look Like a Model Step 15

Step 1. Know that no one in this world is perfect

The models are helped by makeup artists, hair stylists, and designer clothes, so they look cool. Makeup artists spend hours applying makeup to models, and sometimes their bodies, before a fashion show begins.

Instead of wanting perfection, aim for good health. Your natural beauty will shine even more if you take good care of yourself

Look Like a Model Step 16
Look Like a Model Step 16

Step 2. Maintain a healthy weight

What is more important is not being thin, but being healthy. If you are concerned about your weight, see your doctor to find out the ideal weight range for your body. Follow your doctor's recommendations to keep your weight within that range.

Look Like a Model Step 17
Look Like a Model Step 17

Step 3. Eat a healthy diet to maintain your model body

Models' diets vary and some are downright unhealthy, so don't copy these diets. Instead, focus on making your diet as healthy as possible.

  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Eggs, whole grain breads, fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt are some great options for a healthy breakfast session.
  • Eat a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. To get the nutrients you need to be healthy, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you include at least a portion of fruit or vegetables in your every meal. Eat fruits and vegetables as snacks.
  • Choose lean protein. Protein is important for maintaining health, but you should choose the protein that will provide maximum health benefits. Avoid fatty meats, such as pork and beef. Opt for leaner meats, such as turkey and fish. Fish is a good option because it also contains omega 3, which is healthy for the heart.
  • Choose whole grains. Avoid processed foods, such as white rice, white flour, white pasta, and white bread. Choose whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, and whole-wheat flour.
Look Like a Model Step 18
Look Like a Model Step 18

Step 4. Drink plenty of water to get a healthy glow

Being well hydrated is not only important for maintaining a healthy body, it will also give your skin a glow. The amount of water you should need each day depends on your body weight.

You should drink at least 0.01-0.02 liters of water per 0.45 kilograms of your body weight each day. If you weigh 72.5 kilograms, you should drink 2.3 to 4.7 liters of water every day

Look Like a Model Step 19
Look Like a Model Step 19

Step 5. Exercise to keep your model's body healthy and looking cool

Do it regularly. The recommended exercise is 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise, such as running. Do it every week. This activity should be done little by little in one week, not all at once. You should also do weight training twice a week to keep your body solid.

Be aware that most models exercise more than 150 minutes a week to maintain their physical condition. Some male models exercise up to 15 hours a week. Victoria's Secret models work out five times a week to maintain their thin physique

Look Like a Model Step 20
Look Like a Model Step 20

Step 6. Consider whitening your teeth

Models have great smiles, so make sure you brush, floss and rinse your mouth with mouthwash twice a day, to keep your teeth looking healthy. If your teeth aren't as white as you'd like them to be, you can whiten them using home remedies, such as certain toothpastes, gels, and dental floss to make them shine.

You should also clean and check with your dentist at least once a year. This is important to keep your teeth healthy and looking good. You should also visit your dentist if you have problems with your gums or teeth. Follow your dentist's recommendations for good dental care

Look Like a Model Step 21
Look Like a Model Step 21

Step 7. Relax every day

The life of a model is stressful, so you should practice relaxation techniques to keep your life feeling balanced. A little stress is normal and can even help you motivate yourself. However, excessive stress is bad for your health and can affect how you look. Take time for yourself. Practice meditation, yoga, or bathe in soap bubbles. Just make sure you make time for yourself every day.


  • Models present themselves with confidence, not arrogance. Don't be too proud of yourself. Remember to always be kind to others and bring out your inner beauty too.
  • Don't put too much emphasis on appearance. Remember, loving yourself is much more important than getting the approval of others. If you love yourself, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals.
  • If you are serious about becoming a model, then consider investing and taking a modeling class. You'll learn a lot here and network with the professional models who teach the classes, as well as get to know other amateur models. Just make sure your model school is licensed so you don't waste money.
  • Make sure you bring a parent, supervisor, or friend with you when you are going to be photographed. Never feel obligated to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Be confident. Thus, you will also appear confident and feel more beautiful/handsome. Remember, don't be discouraged if you don't get selected at first; You just have to keep trying.


  • Be wary of agency scams, which usually require you to pay up front. If you don't have the money, you can learn from books, fashion shows, and mentors who can help you.
  • Both women and men can become so obsessed with losing weight that they develop eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Make sure you know that the most important goal is to stay healthy (rather than being thin), and being healthy doesn't necessarily mean you're a XXXS!
  • Don't take the auditions offered in the "Jobs" section of the paper. Just contact the official agencies and audition for them. If you are what they need, they will call you back.

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