How to Humiliate Someone: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Humiliate Someone: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Humiliate Someone: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Love listening to rap music? If so, chances are that you are no longer familiar with the term “diss”. In fact, the term is a shortening of the word "disrespect", which is then translated as a way for someone (usually a musician) to ridicule or verbally attack others through their works. If you're not a musician but often receive verbal attacks from those closest to you, why not try to respond in a similar way? Armed with confidence, calm, and knowledge of their weak points, surely you will not receive similar verbal attacks in the future. Read this article to find more information, yes!


Method 1 of 2: Learn the One-Liner Throwing Technique (Boots in 1-2 Short Sentences)

Diss Someone Step 1
Diss Someone Step 1

Step 1. Make fun of her appearance

  • "When your mother took you to school, she was arrested by the police because they thought she was littering!"
  • "Duh, I really wanted to make fun of you, really, but nature seems to have done it, huh."
  • "Take off your mask first, please. Halloween is over, here."
  • "Your face looks like the "before" photo in the ad."
  • "Your neck was traded for an extra chin, didn't you?"
  • "You were in an accident, huh? Has anyone else had similar physical injuries?"
  • "I think I've seen your face somewhere, though, but I think I had to pay for the entrance ticket then."
  • "I can make your shadow into an umbrella so big."
Diss Someone Step 2
Diss Someone Step 2

Step 2. Make fun of his wits

  • "You don't need to be proven all the time, we already know you're an idiot."
  • "I'm sad, I see, you try to put all the vocabulary you have in one sentence."
  • "Your brain must be very quiet, yes, when you're thinking."
  • "Come on, tell me something smart to surprise me."
  • "Listen my dog farts are still smarter than your words."
  • "I think I can hear the waves crashing when we're next to each other."
  • "Even though I'm sure your brain is as thick as dog shit, but why dog shit is still more useful than your brain, huh?"
Diss Someone Step 3
Diss Someone Step 3

Step 3. Make fun of his financial condition

  • "Gosh, you're so poor that they said there was a soup kitchen specially built in your village for your family, right?"
  • "I admit it, you always hang used toilet paper in the attic to reuse, right?"
  • "The last time you smelled food was when I farted, huh?"
  • "That shirt will be returned to the grave, right, after you put it on?"
  • "So poor, beggars even give money to you, right, if you pass in front of them?"
Diss Someone Step 4
Diss Someone Step 4

Step 4. Mock the behavior

  • If someone makes fun of your face, try saying, “At least my face can be saved by a little makeup. Well, what can save your behavior?"
  • "Try to eat your makeup once in a while. Maybe after that your heart will be beautiful too."

Method 2 of 2: Picking the Right Time

Diss Someone Step 5
Diss Someone Step 5

Step 1. Find the person's weak points

What is he most proud of? What was the thing that embarrassed him the most? Knowing your weak points will help you find the most effective ridicule! Feeling humiliated by him? Reply for his actions by ridiculing the thing he was most proud of.

  • If he always looks good or looks proud of his Nike shoes, try to remember the clothes he wears the most and make them the object of your ridicule.
  • If he's a very smart student or a very stupid student in class, mocking his grades or intelligence is the perfect way to piss him off.
  • Sport is one of the subjects that is often considered important by many students at school. If someone who is good at sports makes fun of you, try making fun of him when his basketball throw doesn't go into the hoop, or when his dribbling style isn't pleasing to the eye.
Diss Someone Step 6
Diss Someone Step 6

Step 2. Try to stay calm and laugh at the ridicule

Verbal attacks in the form of "diss" are intended to make the recipient angry. To prevent the person scorning you from getting that gratification, try to keep your expression as level as possible when receiving a verbal attack. Act like you're not angry or offended by his words, one way to do that is to laugh at his ridicule. Alternatively, if you see the person approaching you, try to think of something else so you don't focus too much on their words.

When he's talking, try to focus on the parts of his body that look ridiculous to you. For example, if she has a fairly large pimple on her face, focus on that area. Most likely, after that you will laugh too, lo

Diss Someone Step 7
Diss Someone Step 7

Step 3. Throw scorn at the right moment

It's best not to retaliate immediately after you've been teased, especially if the person is good at making insults or verbal attacks. Instead, take his taunts calmly and leave the ball in your hands. After that, you can start planning your revenge strategy while waiting for the right moment, when the defense is weak.

  • If you want to mention her style of dress, wait until she is wearing something really stylish. Then, compliment her outfit before saying, "The garbage man in front of my house is wearing the same clothes, you know."
  • Wait until the two of you enter gym class to scoff at his athletic abilities. If he stumbles or falls, show him his face, start laughing at him, and don't forget to invite some friends to join in on the fun.
  • Want to ridicule his intelligence? Wait until he or she is asked by the teacher to read the material aloud in class. If you're asked to do the same afterward, copy the reading for a few seconds. After a few seconds, return to your normal voice and try to say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not an idiot, am I." If there's a math problem he doesn't get right, try muttering scorn like "Einstein is talking here" with a volume that only he could hear. If done in front of many people, such scornful behavior would surely embarrass him.
Diss Someone Step 8
Diss Someone Step 8

Step 4. Act like you're not making fun of him

Confuse him by showing fake sincerity and openness in order to break through his fortifications.

  • After class, have a serious conversation with him and state what you mean using sentences that sound very sincere, such as, “I asked you two to talk because I don't want to talk like this in front of a lot of people. But seriously, come on, your pants smell like poo. I almost throw up every time I have to take the same class with you. Try it, ask your mother to buy new pants." In particular, state your point in as specific a way as possible, as if you feel the need to offer advice in her favor.
  • If the two of you join a sports club, tell them that you accidentally overheard your coach criticizing his ball throwing ability, which is not much different from that of a 4th grader. Then, ask about the progress of the practice process in as sincere a tone as possible.
  • Tell him that you're willing to help him with his math homework for IDR 50,000 per hour, if his parents can afford you.
Diss Someone Step 9
Diss Someone Step 9

Step 5. Stop ignoring it

Sometimes the most effective method of ridiculing someone is to silence them, and that's usually easier if you have a large number of friends. For example, pretend to gossip about the person with your friends. When he walks up to you and wants to join in on the conversation, ignore the whole thing. Don't respond to his words or look at his face.


  • Don't counterattack when the person is hanging out with a close friend or relative. Trust me, they will protect the person from your attacks!
  • Throw in a sneer that you know he won't be able to reciprocate.
  • If the person is making jokes, try to ignore them as if you didn't hear them speak.
  • Try to isolate the person who is constantly verbally attacking you. Generally, a person who is isolated or has no friends will look less cool and less popular in the eyes of others.
  • If you feel inferior to the person who verbally attacked you, try asking someone superior to counter the attack.
  • Don't raise your tone or volume when replying to someone's insults! Doing so will further emphasize your discomfort when receiving verbal attacks.
  • Even if there's a verbal attack that doesn't warrant a response, don't hesitate to report insults that are really offensive and/or inconvenient to an authority figure.
  • If someone makes fun of your face, try saying: I'm not glass.


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