How to Keep Your Room Tidy: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Keep Your Room Tidy: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Keep Your Room Tidy: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Do you feel immersed in all the chaos in your room? Are you tired of digging through piles of clothes to find a shirt? And are you not even sure if it's 'clean'? for the antidote, read on and find the cure!


Part 1 of 3: Cleaning Your Room

Keep Your Room Organized Step 1
Keep Your Room Organized Step 1

Step 1. Step back and look at your room

What are three things you can do right now to make your room look less cluttered and feel more comfortable to live in? Do you want to take a wall cupboard? Are there piles of clean 'and' dirty clothes in the corner of the room? Are all your game consoles falling apart on the floor? Here are three things that will make a difference in your room and keep you motivated to spruce up the entire room.

It's good to take into account the time you have in your head. If you only have half an hour, do ten minutes of each. If you have all day, please do a total cleaning. With limited time, it is very good to complete the work little by little so that the changes are more pronounced

Keep Your Room Organized Step 2
Keep Your Room Organized Step 2

Step 2. Put away your clothes

Clean clothes should hang in a wall cupboard or wardrobe, or just fold them; don't just throw them on the bed! There are several factors about 'how' to organize your clothes, and here are the steps:

  • The clothes you wear are the easiest to access. This way you don't have to waste 'all' of your clothes every day to find which one you want to wear.
  • Try tidying up your clothes by color or season. They will be easier to find this way and you know exactly where they are.
  • We'll talk a little bit about storage space, but when it comes to your wall cabinets or wardrobe, try to maximize the available space. Put a shelf above or under a slit in your wall cupboard, buy a few boxes, and stack, stack, stack.
Keep Your Room Organized Step 3
Keep Your Room Organized Step 3

Step 3. Arrange books and small objects

You may have lots of things that you pick up every day from where they belong, and after a few days have passed, this will turn into a mess. Take a moment to take what you usually need and tidy it up in a space on a desk or shelf that is easily accessible and that's the place for 'those things'. The next time you need it, you'll take it from there and can put it back.

  • Find out how you want to organize your books. If you read a lot, and even if you don't, you should keep it tidy. You can organize them by priority, category or even alphabetical order.
  • Great for developing systems, a blueprint of your room in your head. When you know the books, for example, are over here, next time, you won't just throw them away but put them in the designated place.
Keep Your Room Organized Step 4
Keep Your Room Organized Step 4

Step 4. Organize your personal hygiene items

Separate and keep your make-up from other items that you only use at a certain time. Unused products can be placed in the bathroom, in a box, or in a closet. Then throw away things that are damaged and unused; because they will only dirty your place.

Often this type of object is kept out of sight. Store them in a storage box, under the bed, or in a wall cupboard

Keep Your Room Organized Step 5
Keep Your Room Organized Step 5

Step 5. Tidy up your computer area, game console, and other entertainment devices

When you're done playing, put them back in their place, roll up the wires and put them all away. As for your computer, you can leave it on the desk, but tidy up the surroundings too. Put laptops, textbooks, stationery and others in a drawer or arrange them neatly in the corner of the room.

You may want a few seconds to decide what you don't need on your desk. What do you never use? You will be more productive if your desk is not cluttered

Keep Your Room Organized Step 6
Keep Your Room Organized Step 6

Step 6. Stay away from the food

Unless you're doing a scientific experiment on how to attract flies, keep food and dirty dishes out of your room. They look dirty, messy and can attract insects and pests, and they will make your room smell.

If you have a habit of eating in your room, make sure the trash can is easily accessible. This prevents trash from ending up on the floor and being forgotten for weeks, leading to disaster. Therefore, throw it away immediately

Keep Your Room Organized Step 7
Keep Your Room Organized Step 7

Step 7. If you do a thorough cleaning, sweep, mop, or clean your room with a vacuum cleaner

Wood or tile? Broom and mop. Also wash the wall surface to remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth and some cleaning product. Spray some deodorizer and you're done!

Not all cleaners are safe for wall surfaces. Check the label beforehand to make sure the one you are using is suitable for the items in your room

Part 2 of 3: Doing Daily Care

Keep Your Room Organized Step 8
Keep Your Room Organized Step 8

Step 1. Tidy up your mattress

Now that your room is clean, you'll want to keep it that way. One of the easiest ways to keep it clean every day (or almost every day) is to give it a 'still clean' impression by cleaning your mattress every day. It only takes a few minutes and can completely change the mood of your room.

You can avoid doing so, for the record, just trim the sheets (or whatever's on top of that). Get the pillows done, and no one will notice

Keep Your Room Organized Step 9
Keep Your Room Organized Step 9

Step 2. Take your clothes and arrange your shoes

Another way a room can get messy quickly is when you just throw your clothes on the floor. Both when changing clothes or when clean clothes fall when we choose clothes. To avoid piles of clothes, tackle this problem every day. If there are only a few clothes, this should only take a few seconds.

You may be able to pass one or two pairs of shoes per day. Instead of putting them haphazardly and wondering where to find them, put them back in their place; ideally a shoe rack or a specific area in the room

Keep Your Room Organized Step 10
Keep Your Room Organized Step 10

Step 3. Get rid of clean laundry as soon as possible

How easy would it be to pick up some clean laundry, put it on the bed and tidy it up? Too easy. Unfortunately, you'll eventually end up finding another pile of clean clothes. But tangled. stop being lazy and put them in their proper place. You'll be happy to do it.

Again, make sure you put it back in the right place; not just put it back at random. Your wall cabinets need to be kept as tidy as your room

Keep Your Room Organized Step 11
Keep Your Room Organized Step 11

Step 4. It will take five minutes to pick up your knick-knacks

Every day you may wear many things; a book or two, some toiletries, papers, game console, makeup kit, etc. Take a few seconds to put it back in its place, even if tomorrow you need it again.

Okay. If you need it tomorrow, you can relax a bit. Just put it in an easily accessible place. A medium-sized shelf is a suitable place

Part 3 of 3: Making It Easier

Keep Your Room Organized Step 12
Keep Your Room Organized Step 12

Step 1. Buy some pretty storage bins

It's very difficult to tidy up a room that doesn't have storage space. To encourage you to clean up, buy a storage box that is beautiful and you like. A few colored boxes, a few shelves, and a towel holder, and a wall cabinet can do wonders. When you can maximize the space you have, your room can be more open and look much bigger.

Try to innovate if you don't want to go to the store. An umbrella holder can hold cylindrical objects, such as yoga rugs. Gift boxes can be used for smaller trinkets. What do you think you can use around you?

Keep Your Room Organized Step 13
Keep Your Room Organized Step 13

Step 2. Use multi-functional parts

Let's say you went out for table end shopping. You don't want 'just' the table; you can make the end of the table into one part with the shelf. Look at the passages it can have two functions; Not only are they used properly, they can also be a place of storage.

Another example is a frame for your mattress. When your mattress is lifted off the floor, you'll have plenty of hidden space underneath, to store large items so the room doesn't fall apart

Keep Your Room Organized Step 14
Keep Your Room Organized Step 14

Step 3. Keep items that are rarely used out of reach

When you have a pile of things in front of you and you don't know how to clean it (whether it's clothes or a game console), focus on the things you use most often. Anything you don't use can be placed below or above. This can keep things tidy because you don't need them too much and it becomes easy to find what you need.

Sometimes this requires checking all wall cabinets and bookshelves. If that's the case, deal with it. You'll be happy when you're done, and your wall cabinets will look like new

Keep Your Room Organized Step 15
Keep Your Room Organized Step 15

Step 4. Mark your save place

When your wall cabinets and rooms are neat. It's so easy to mess it up again. The way to make it easy for yourself is to make labels on boxes and storage bins. Then when you search for something, you will be helped by the label.

Choose a label that matches the atmosphere of your room. You can print them from your computer or buy ready-made labels at the store. Use a permanent marker to mark them, attach them, and your room will be done


  • Make your bed every morning! You can get used to tidying up. Or maybe weekly, for example, if you don't have time in the middle of the week.
  • Think about how you want to make your dream room come true, and do your best.
  • Make sure your clothes are organized so you know you have one place for everything.
  • Donate unused items.
  • If you share a room ask to ask for your share of the room on one side and your brother on the other. Choose any part you like!
  • When you're done reading, pick one book and put another book down.
  • Put your notes somewhere so you can remind them to clean up.
  • When you want to throw something away, look at it from your friend's point of view, you don't want to throw anything away yourself.
  • Try listening to upbeat music while cleaning.
  • Do not leave any objects on the floor. They all have space whether in your bag, wall cabinet or trash can in the garage.
  • Always clean the floor first; it will make the room look cleaner and help you be motivated to clean thoroughly.
  • When you put your clothes away and want to put other clothes in, fold your clothes then put them on the side so that it saves more space and you can easily see what you want to wear and what you want to get out of it.
  • Always make your bed every morning because it will reduce your work later.


  • Change your sheets every week or two or wash them.
  • Use items such as zippy bags, envelopes and bags to secure small items. Otherwise small objects such as headphones or stationery may be lost.
  • Keep all your school records until the end of the year. You need it to study for the end of year exams.

What You Need

  • clean clothes
  • All cleaning products
  • Vacuum cleaner or mop
  • Storage area

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